Moments in Egyptian History #2

In 1964, a cuban delegation, headed by Che Guevara, came to Egypt to meet the fellow egyptian “revolutionary” President Gammal Abdel Nasser. Upon their entrance of the Presidential Palace and meeting the egyptian delegation, the cuban delegation announced that they have a special gift to the Egyptian President. Two hot young cuban girls, reportedly virgins, wearing really short dresses made from army fatigue fabric, stepped to the front. They were given cuban tobacco leaves, and proceeded to roll 2 cigars on their naked thighs, and then gave them to the Egyptian President, as a genuine cuban gift.

I am not a mind reader, but I bet there was one thought going through the minds of the Egyptian President and his buddies throughout this whole thing:

“Damn. Our revolution SUCKS!”


  1. Nasser na nas nasral.

  2. Castro’s bragging rights to the west were “Our prostitutes are the best educated and prettiest in the world”. He thought that was something to be proud of. The point he probably missed was that since there was no way to make an honest living for their families, Cuban girls and women would do anything with anybody to earn a little income. I suppose that if we said our prostitutes are uneducated and the least desirable of our society he would see that as a triumph for communism, when in reality it means that our girls have many more options available to them to work and earn an income with dignity and self respect if they choose so.

  3. Where are the pics of these Cuban girls?????

  4. The flaw in this story is the claim Che would be travelling with two pretty Cuban girls in miniskirts who were still virgins. Some things I just don’t buy.

    Mind you, anyone think Qaddafi is sleeping with his bodyguard of fourty virgins?

  5. He of Many Spellings is indeed a big pimp! You know he’s hittin it!

  6. I don’t know how impressed Nasser was, but I bet Bill Clinton would have been.

  7. I bet when old Abbie stood up one of the girls asked if he had stuck one of the cigars in his pocket…or maybe just a cigarette?

  8. humble simpleton says:

    #1 Hej Methinks, how about explaining what it means, not everybody speak Czech.

  9. #1 Hej Methinks, how about explaining what it means, not everybody speak Czech.

    It means “Nasser shat on us”, in a very poetic counding way (at least in Russian, don’t speak Czech)