The “Divine Victory” perfume

It exists, and it's now sold in Lebanon, and if any of you are coming from Lebanon to Egypt, please make sure to bring me one. I want to know how Divine Victory smells like. I have a theory that it smells like Khameini's Ass, but I could be wrong!


  1. I think it smells like scared ‘Divine Victory’ fighter.

  2. eau de mullahbutt

  3. The smell of lies and propaganda.

  4. The scent of “resistance?” I thought perfume was supposed to attract, allure, entice, encourage, etc. In any case, everyone knows the French have the market on parfum hands down. If you have the bucks, and are getting the good stuff, you’re getting it from France.

  5. SoCalJustice says:

    which comes ‘exclusively’ with a political message and a picture of Hizbullah’s secretary general, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah,”

    Honey, you smell great. Oh yeah, and Death To America.

  6. The smell of charred flesh…?


  7. Slightly unrelated to this, but related to Lebanon and Nasrallah:

    It’s funny how I used to hate Jumblat (for what his people did to us, when I was 7 years old, in 83), and now today he is just about the only one (with the possible exception of Geagea) who speaks the absolute truth!!!

  8. most of the lebanese person smell devine victory, it is actually very refreshing, and we don’t care if anybody didn’t like it.