Egypt to regulate the internet

In the name of preventing cyber-terrorism, of course.

"The aim of this initiative is to improve coordination between
different countries to prevent people or terrorist groups from using
international Internet networks to serve their goals," said Aziz Seif
al-Nasr, deputy foreign minister in charge of the terrorism file.

"Adequate legislation and the adoption of new regulations for persons
and companies using the Internet will be part of the measures
introduced by Egypt," he said Thursday.

I bet 50 bucks that it will include some legistlation about websites that "provide content that fosters instability and hatred towards the government". Any takers? 


  1. yanhar eswed! howa hayb2a nem kol 7eta wala eh…

  2. men*

  3. humble simpleton says:

    Tss, instability, hatred towards the government, blah, that would be theft of your 50 bucks.
    Legislation preventing cyber-terrorism means the laws against websites that “incite religious hatred and violence by misinterpreting the Koran” don’t you know? 100$ on that.

  4. Well, there goes! :)

  5. I hope they don’t block myspace :) one of my favourite spots for stalking women of all ages.

  6. Littletinsoldier says:

    hey… I am on Jdate….!, you cant close it….

  7. Yep. Like I said, I’m glad I don’t live there.

  8. I’m not betting on the wrong side of that one, my friend. I don’t need to lose a bet AND see that happen!