Abdel Karim Rally in DC tomorrow

The information is all here. If you are in the DC area and believe in freedom of speech, Be there!


  1. I think equal women’s rights demand made this young man so dangerous.

  2. Chemical Weapons Used In Iraq Message List
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    Salahaldin Al-Ayoubi Brigades Claim To Have Launched Missiles Loaded
    With Chemicals

    The Salahaldin Al-Ayoubi Brigades, the military wing of JAMI, Al Jabha
    Al-Islamiyya l’il-Muqawama Al-’Iraqiyya, announced via Islamist
    websites that today, January 10, 2007, it had fired four missiles
    loaded with chemicals at a U.S. base near Samara, Iraq. The
    organization posted a film showing militants wearing gas masks and
    filling the missiles with a liquid which the organization claims are
    chemicals. Below are images from the film.

    Images and video not included here.

  3. belisariusx,

    That would explain the funny odor in New York…

  4. #3. Perry.

    I think you are wrong. That one was “Scent Of Resistance” smuggled in through JFK by one of CAIR operatives.