Jermain wants Jackson to become muslim


Hey, MJ, why not scientology? Scientology is nice. It has space aliens and shit. You like that, don't you Moonwalker? So stay away from Islam, which has no aliens and promises you lots of women (Double "Ewwwww" for you I am sure), and move towards Scientology, where I am sure Tom Cruise and John Travolta will take you into their bosoms immedietly. Oh god, mental image. Why do I do that to myself? 


  1. Hey, the Jews got Modanna. You get Thriller.

    Its only fair!

  2. Thanks for spreading that mental image… eww

  3. Is everyone out of date? Michael converted over a year ago. He’s been shleping around Dubai and even talked about building a Mosque.

    He was spotted in a burka and in a women’s toilet, so he’s as embarassing as a Muslim as he was as a Jehova’s Witness.

  4. my sympathies on this one lolol

  5. It’s all good. We have Tammy Faye Baker.

  6. Ayatollah Khomeini said that stuff about little kids and infants. Sick stuff.

    Stuck Mojo mentions it in this video using a video from Arab TV featuring two women.


  8. Notwithstanding their power and all that: it’s going to take more than Allah and a prayer rug to restore MJ’s sanity.

  9. I think he saw that little picture of AJ crawled up sleeping on that Iranian carpet and … … just wanted to be there. “I’ll be the-ere. I’ll be there…” Going Muslim is the ticket to ride. LOL Send US(A) your sick and weary and we’ll return our weirdos and entertainers!

  10. Uchuck the Tuchuck says:

    Chip, I don’t get it…what does that “Stuck Mojo” clip have to do with Michael Jackson converting to Islam?

  11. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Please make him a Muslim women, a very conservative one, who wears the complete niqab from top to bottom. It would better for the world never to see his really creepy fake face again. He must leave his poor children in the USA though. That is my rule.

  12. It is great way to shake off that nasty pedophile image and everything else you would want.

  13. It’s ok to be pædofilia in the Islam fait so maybe it will be a good idea
    Just ask in saudia arabia …..they have alot of them

  14. chellebelle says:

    Why do you think Mr. Jackon converted (I agree you are wayy behind the times, he did this a year ago). Right or wrong many westerners have the impression that paedophelia is accepted in Islam. Thats what go Michael to convert.

    Notice, Muslims havent started touting MJ as a reason we non-muslims should convert like they do Cat Stevens.

  15. Chellebelle, actually right after Michael converted, I noticed some kid at the mall, with a tee shirt wrapped to look like a turban, playing Michael Jackson on his boom box.

    So at least in San Francisco, some Muslim kids have noticed.

  16. Michael Jackson is just the beginning, my friend. You see, this is actually a brilliant American plot (no Zionists were necessary) to rid ourselves of the most embarassing among us. If you’ve been watching the news lately you will have seen erstwhile presidential candidate John Kerry kissing Khatami’s posterior. That is the first step. I expect to hear the shahadah from him any day now. Yes in a couple of years we’ll have unloaded all of our embarassments from Courtney Love to Ted Kennedy. Allahu akbar!

  17. Thanks for the link Chip.

  18. Roman Kalik says:

    Thank God it’s not Judaism! Sorry, mate, but we’ve got our hands full with Madonna as it is. :-D

  19. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard since the century started.

  20. heather of aramco says:

    i heard he bought a place in bahrain a few years ago. people love him there.

  21. hello everybody!!! Allah is the greatest !!! and very soon u will understand that..

  22. will u plz talk about ISLAM wiz respect cause u`ll never know what will happen 2 u so dont say it easy cause u dont know anything before talking read and understand ppl u only live 1 time but at the end U WILL REGREEEEEEEEEEET wallahy u will so be polite MR okay and Micheal is free 2 be muslim at least he will be safe :S and as allah the almighty said : those who are the nonbelievers wether u warn them or not they will never believe

  23. Hi every body,
    Islam is the good religen, it is the reasonable one, i’m muslim thx god and every day i thanks my god for that. because all other religen you can find the weakness. and i challenge any one to give me one reason to give up from islam.
    i pray for may god to be all muslim.

    goodluck for every one.