Spreading Shiism won’t work

So says the Saudi King. Now if only he relays that message to the egyptian government so that they can stop treating every egyptian Shia as an iranian spy, I might even develop some nice feelings towards that country!

I heart Devil Fanboy

Cairo Police shoots people protesting Cell Phone tower

1 killed, 20 wounded. Over a cell Phone Tower. 

I love this country! 

Stupid Item of the Day

Man sues over penis tatoo on his back, which was put there instead of the emblem of his team because the Tatoo artist was a fan of a rival team. Why do I see a Red Sox tatoo artist do that if someone came asking for a Yankees tatoo?

How to pick up women

A guide for the rest of us!


Sorry for disappearing. Been dealing with lots of bullshit lately, plus I was apartment hunting and moving, so yeah, no time to post, reply to e-mails, nuttin! I have lots of delayed posts and the big abdel karim trial post, so I will get right on that now!

Just for my socialist friends


The new season of 24 is supposed to be insane, and  according to some people superly racist against muslims and arabs, so as the Sandmonkey I have to investiagte this. Thanks to the tip from Memz, I am downloading episodes 1 through 5 from this website, and I will have seriously dumb & awesome entertainment for 5 straight continous houres. The terrorists supposidly have the atomic bomb, and they are trying to blow up LA, so I am rooting for them. Go terrorists!

Oh, who am I kidding? I love Jack Bauer. GO BAUER! 

While we are at it, the top 24 Jack Bauer facts! the top 100 Jack Bauer facts!

Tomorrow is Police Day

And Hosam has an orginal way for you to celebrate it!


GNP and life expectancy by country never looked this cool before.

(warning, kinda addictive. It has been amsuing me for houres today. Check the Venezeula one and press play for kicks) 

I ♥ Google! 

Casualty rates

From Yesterday's clashes in Lebanon:

Police, in a final toll of the trouble, reported that three people
were killed and 173 injured. Of the 173, 48 suffered gunshot wounds and
the rest resulted from blows from sticks or stones.

Tuesday's clashes quickly took on a dangerous sectarian tone in a
country whose divided communities fought a bloody 1975-1990 civil war.
Gunmen from neighboring districts in the northern city of Tripoli — one
largely Sunni Muslim, the other largely Alawites, a Shiite Muslim
offshoot — fought each other, causing two of the fatalities.

Scary shit!

Kastav indicted for Rape

Gotta give it up to the Israelis. If this was the President or PM in an arab country, that case would never have gotten made to begin with. Now throw his ass out of Office!


Abdel Karim's trial is tomorrow, and I have to say that I can't think of anything else. Whatever transpires tomorrow, it's implications and consequences will affect every blogger in Egypt, and could lead many of us to change or close down our blogs. It is that serious.

The situation is as follows: the egyptian government is going after Abdel Karim with 3 charges, each equaling 3 years in prison: 1) religious disdain, 2) Insulting the President and 3) attempting to flare secterian strife and disrupt public secuirty. The total expected sentence is 7-9 years in prison, which besides being grossly unfair, it also marks the first time that such charges were applied against statements made on the internet/ blogs. The implications for that are clear: A legal precedent will be set for the persecution and imprisonment of bloggers for what they write on their blogs, and the state will use it against its critics and detractors in the Blogsphere. The very flexible and indefineable nature of the charges allows them the freedom to go after anybody for anything. Define insulting the president; or define disdain for religions, hell or even trying to flare secterian strife or disturbing public security. Does calling Mubarak's policies stupid or describing his as an autocrat count as an insult? Does criticizing the Jihady mindset or being anti the boycott over the danish cartoons make you disdainful of Islam? Does reporting secterian clashes an attempt to flare secterian strife? Is showing police torture victims an attempt to disrupt public security? Do you people see where this is going?

And you know that the regime will use this to go after all the bloggers who have been embaressing it for the past year, especially those souls who blog in their real names, Like Wael , Malek , Hosam , Sharqawi , Alaa , Nora and the list goes on and on. Hell, the first one I would imagine them going after the moment they have the legal precedent is Wael. He embaressed them way too many times and pissed off too many people in the hierarchy of state security to be left alone. I estimate him to be the first, but probably not the last. I mean, why stop with him? No good reason not to go after the rest of us, with a nice media campaign running in state-owned papers about those damn bloggers who only care for defaming the country and who must be the agents of foreign powers aimed at disrupting the peace in the country. And the people will believe. I mean they believe in the freakin Maadi serial killer, why not believe this shit?  

All in all, I have to applaud them on chosing Abdel Karim: he is perfect for this. Stupid, infalmmatory and utterly indefensable. He is to egyptian bloggers what Saddam is to arab leaders: there aren;t any excuses for him. He is the one who repeatedly shot himself in the foot over this, and now he is in shit and he can drag us all down with him. And that's not even the worst part: even if Abdel Karim gets cleared of all charges, he still has to go through conscription, the military draft, and if he goes in he will not come out, not alive or in one piece anyway. Word of his writings and views will reach the barracks and every simple soul there will try to get brownie points with god by beating the crap out of him. Hell, some even could find good excuse to kill him, since he already declared during the police interrogation that he is no longer a muslim. That's apostacy, and that's punishable by death, and some overzealous dude from the country side or upper egypt might take it upon himself to deliver the islamic punishment for apostacy on Abdel Karim. And I wish this is an overstatement.

So what's the solution? Well, as far as I can tell, there is only one solution left: For Abdel Karim to plead insanity.

If he pleads insanity, then he isn't responsible for his actions or what he wrote, and under egyptian law can not be liable to any of the charges against him. All it would take is a bribed psychologist who will write a report stating that Abdel Karim is a disturbed yet harmless individual (it would cost less than 100 dollars) and he is off the hook. He doesn't go to jail, there is no legal precedent against bloggers and any defaming campaign would have serious problem gaining credibility without such a scapegoat. He couldn't be used to attack us because, well, according to the law he is crazy, and it would be sweet revenge on a government that covers up any crime made by a muslim against a christian by claiming that the attacker is crazy. And the very best part: Crazy people are exempted from serving in the military. Abdel Karim would get his military exemption, be able to get a passport and get the fuck out of dodge and seek assylum in any other country as he had always dreamed and wanted. Everybody wins.

The question is: Is that the strategy of his lawyer tomorrow? If not, then what possible defense does he have readied up for this case? How is he going to get Abdel Karim out of this one?

Guess we will find out tomorrow. I am going to Alex to attend the trial myself. Will let you know.

Let's just hope for the best! 

In Flames

To put the following pictures in context, read this

 A Aoun supporter does what Aoun supporters do best: Posing!


 Start me a little fire with some tires..


 …so that we can look cool jumping over it. "Told you it would look gangsta!"


 " As protest for not having jobs, we are going to prevent anyone else from going to theirs."


A Hezbollah supporter, doing his part to further ruin Lebanon!


 Pro- and anti-Government supporters start clashing by throwing rocks at each other…


 ..so the army arrives to keep people apart…


 ..and while it tries to do the best job it can..


 ..the lebanese people continued to fight each other.


 @ the Rafiq Harriri airport: The Inevitable conclusion!

I can find no better image representing the mindset of the lebanese "opposition" than this guy, using his hand to point " we are number one", with all the fire, smoke and ruins behind him, as if saying "May it all burn, as long as we get to rule!" 

Truly, their vision for Lebanon!

For more on what the scene in Lebanon looked like today, go here! 

More updates here! 

Who isn’t running for president?

I know this is supposed to be satire, but seriously….

Hezbollah chic

Now here is someone I would like to liberate! :P  

Hillary vs. Obama

It is getting ugly!

Build a wall

Now here is a marriage cautionary tale if I've ever heard of one!

Send your friends a horse head

Call me Godfather, Biatch!

What My Birthday means

***Your Birthdate: May 21***

You're a restless rebel with an unpredictable nature.

Bright but unbridled, you tend to seek out wild experiences over new ideas.

People are frustrated by your great potential, but you love your unconventional life.

You're a heartbreaker. People get attached to you, and then you're gone.

Your strength: Your thirst for adventure

Your weakness: Not taking time for slow pleasures

Your power color: Hot pink

Your power symbol: Figure eight

Your power month: March

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?


Hot Pink? HOT PINK?

What a bunch of bullshit!