January 2007 archive


Sorry for disappearing. Been dealing with lots of bullshit lately, plus I was apartment hunting and moving, so yeah, no time to post, reply to e-mails, nuttin! I have lots of delayed posts and the big abdel karim trial post, so I will get right on that now!


The new season of 24 is supposed to be insane, and  according to some people superly racist against muslims and arabs, so as the Sandmonkey I have to investiagte this. Thanks to the tip from Memz, I am downloading episodes 1 through 5 from this website, and I will have seriously dumb & awesome entertainment for 5 straight continous houres. The terrorists supposidly have the atomic bomb, and they are trying to blow up LA, so I am rooting for them. Go terrorists!

Oh, who am I kidding? I love Jack Bauer. GO BAUER! 

While we are at it, the top 24 Jack Bauer facts! the top 100 Jack Bauer facts!

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