running around like a headless chicken

Been away for the past few days because I have been moving to a new place, and it's the craziest move I have ever made so far. Nothing is going right, and i still don;t have internet. It's all shitty. Hopefully by tomorrow all will be working again and normal posting will be resumed. Here is hopin!


  1. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Moving is always a pain, despite the best of plans. I hope you enjoy your new bachelor pad. At least, that is what I thought you said you were doing.

  2. I thought you would like to know that you have been cited by an article in the Columbia Journalism Review.

    The article reference comes from Lisa Goldman.

  3. I was just thinking about how shitty it must be for MOVERS in Egypt, they probably get paid horrible and they have to haul peoples furniture up many many many flights of steps…ya haram!

    Here movers make realy good money.

  4. That’s a good article by Beckerman at the CJR.

  5. Well, despite all the craziness, mabrook ya seedy! ;)

  6. Hope you get cozily set up in your cool new pad! My condolences on having to move though –yuck! Looking forward to hearing more from ya when you get settled :)

  7. BrooklynJon says:

    Glad you resurfaced, SM. I was gettin’ a little worried…

    Good luck with the new digs.

  8. Last week you were a monkey, this week you’re a chicken! What will you be next week, chopped liver?

  9. Are you an BP movin’ in together?

    You should, you guys would probably make great roomates :)

  10. When you say “move” do you mean “evacuate”? Just wondering because we’re still hoping you’ll show up in the U.S. :)

  11. Hey SM
    this is my present for hegab day:

  12. Getting bored with blogging SM? Seems like most do after a year or so. Oh well, its not like anybody really gives a rat’s ass. Time for somebody else to tickle our flickering fancies.

  13. You and BP are determined to make everybody think you are one and the same, aren’t you?

  14. someone’s getting his own sha2a…….oooh wedding march

  15. @SKY: Yes i think BP and SM are getting a Sha2a together! Mabrook to the new couple!