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  1. hmmm, Monday 12 feb… SM is back from the dead and so is BP…

    laughing hysterically

  2. Missed you, sweetheart.

  3. Nan, goddamn it!

  4. Wow! Over a week without being able to download porn. Do you feel okay?

  5. Man, I just love your government. Not.


    Obviously sanity is not a prerequisite for MPs.

  6. ^ i was just going to comment on the same thing zvi did. What’s the “egyptian street’s” reaction?

  7. *rofl* Does that NDP guy believe what he said?

  8. Ya Mr Sandmonkey, i’ve asked you for your input in an email, bas law Hat-Tanishny, khalas! Take a look at this LAW SAMAHT..we tell me what you think!


  9. (by the way, welcome back!)

  10. Welcome back SM, I’ve been missing you…