Biking militants explode

Now this is the kind of story that puts a smile on my face in the morning!


  1. Three less nutters for the world to get rid of… Good ridance!

    An extra bonus that they have taken care of the messy part themselves! :)

  2. Actually this is probably the ideal solution. After all, they get what they want – 72 virgins etc etc, – and we get what we want – dead Jihadis – why can’t we all come together and work out a system where this happens *all* *the* *time*?

  3. Aardvark EF-111B says:


  4. yes i agree sandmonkey, it warms the cockles of one’s heart.
    LOL the idiots probally would have killed ordinary folks shopping at a food market.

  5. InfidelDane says:

    hmmm……. premature explosion ?

  6. Failure due to unreliable nature of transport.
    Don’t they have camels and asses in Pakistan?

  7. HeiGou @ 2

    I agree, ideal win-win situation.

  8. InfidelDane Says:”hmmm……. premature explosion ?”

    It’s why Jannah never runs out of virgins I’d guess.

  9. work accident?

    maybe the iranians can have such a accident but on a larger scale hopefully when the prisident of iran is close by.

  10. BIKING militant?

    Is that a contraction of Bangladeshi viking?

  11. Pop go the weasels.

  12. lLOL Eric too funny. While I really hate to laugh at anyone’s death there is alot of amusement in how karma sometimes steps in. I guess riding with the detanator in ones hand isn’t a good idea while holding on to then handlebars too? This has to rank right up there around 10 on the stupid criminal scale.