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Palestinians arrested for plotting attacks in Sinai

Over 23 arrested. Egyptians and Palestinians. Amongst which a palestinian who got arrested wearing an explosive belt. The idea seems to be attacking israeli tourists in Egypt, possibly killing egyptians in the process. Doesn't matter, right? All in the name of the cause, right? What's a little terrorism between brother countries, right?

I hate this region! 

The Sunni women's rape case in Iraq

This story is all kinds of messed up. A sunni woman comes out and accuses 3 members of the iraqi secuirty forces of raping her, so the sunnis get outraged of course and demand an investigation. "US backed" Prime Minister Al Malki reaction: Fire the Sunni official who demanded the investigation, issue an arrest warrant for the woman and plans to reward the men. Even if the woman lied about the rape, which is Malki's excuse for his actions, something just ain't right here!

In the name of America, the most merciful…

Ok, I think this is crazy Egyptians' week or something. I present to you the story of Dr. Gaber Mohamed Al Gazar, the professor of foreign trade in the Univeristy of Helwan. This man started his lecture last Thursday with writing the day's date on the Blackboard, and instead of writing the usual "In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most gracious" line, he wrote "In the name of America the great". When the students asked him why he had written that, he told them to not ask him direct questions, but instead write him their questions in pieces of paper and hand them to him. Naturally the majority of the students asked him what his religion was, and he responded by saying that he believes America to be his god, and americanism to be his religion and he wishes to be able to worship the US every day. When the students tried to leave, he wouldn't let them out and had the doors of the hall closed. Naturally, after the class was over, 64 of his students filed a complaint against him with the school.

Friday morning, the man was sent to a mental institution. He is in it till today!

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