Pot, Kettle, Black

Egypt is accusing Canada, Canada, of being intolerant and racist against muslims.

Please try not to laugh too hard! 


  1. i luv egypt says:

    whats funny about it? a girl hardly breath and the only chance she got to play soccer with other people in society is stopped??!! haram let her play with her scarf. It is funny though that Egypt is trying to play an international role on huma rights..loool

  2. Canadienne Errante says:

    The girl wasn’t stopped from playing soccer. She was stopped from playing soccer wearing a scarf. Had she taken off the scarf, she could have played. Somebody somewhere told her that taking off the scarf even to obey the safety regulations was worse than ruining the tournament for the rest of her team. (Which rather goes against the spirit of teamswomanship, doesn’t it?) Does she think that God had one rule for her and another one for all the other girls, or does she wander around thinking that God will eventually get around to punishing her teammates for going bareheaded in a country where being bareheaded doesn’t even get you a glance? (In fact, if you want a man to stare at you in some parts of Canada, adopting Saudi-inspired dress is a good way to do it!) And what would she think of the fact that thousands or millions of Muslim women don’t wear headscarves every day?

    Last time I checked, Islam was not a race. If the girl was a white Bosnian Muslim,the referee would have made the decision it was his call to make. He made it for safety reasons. By the way, the referee himself was Muslim. Did that make the Egyptian news?

  3. Last time I heard of this case, she was back on her team wearing the headscarf. I must say though, that everybody I know is sick and tired of Muslims’ demands. No other group of immigrants is this obnoxious.

  4. BrooklynJon says:

    As a soccer referee, I would not have allowed her to play with a headscarf. And this in polyglot New York.

  5. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!, eh!

  6. Canadienne Errante says:

    I have to agree with Eva. I mean, we do have problems with people who bring their grievances (e.g. the Armenian subway bomb scare in the 80s) and their battle scars (e.g. the shell-shocked Vietnamese kids of the 70s) and their screwed up violent cultures (the Jamaican gangs in Toronto), but people demanding that Canada change safety regulations or provide prayer facilities everywhere or implement a foreign and deeply offensive code of law ( sharia in Ontario) or mirror their own outrageous sexism (God hates women to show their hair in public) on us or plot to behead the Prime Minister–that’s new. And what is new is that this is not coming from an identifiable ethnic group but from a pan-ethnic religious ideology.

  7. Did Canada fly another jumbo jet full of Muslim pilgrims into the pyramids?

  8. Canadienne Errante says:

    I should have said “also new” in my final sentence.

  9. Canadienne Errante says:

    Incidentally, once in Toronto I saw woman protestors holding signs that read “Hijab is a human right.” A bunch of men were behind them, chatting and looking at papers, etc. They weren’t protesting against Canada, but against the French ban on religious headgear and jewellry (including Christian) in state schools.

    I wonder where this idea that hijab is a human right comes from, especially when real human rights for women (medical care, employment opportunities, mobility, freedom of religion, education) are so often curtailed in Islamic and Islamic-majority countries. Is this a way of co-opting Western values (like anti-racism) to repackage an idea normally repugnant to most Westerners? Or is this a version of the Big Lie?

  10. Exactly, Canadienne Errante. In the States, the radical Muslims are repackaging Islamic bigotry as religious freedom. For example, CAIR is suing the fellow passengers who reported the suspicious behavior of the flying imams in Minneapolis airport as discrimination against Muslims. The Somali taxi drivers who refuse to carry people carrying alcohol and blind people with guide dogs say that criticism of their actions impinges on their religious freedom. And any time anyone criticizes Muslim behavior in America, the Muslims cry racism, even though Islam is a religion, not a race.

    The Muslims are learning how to punch Westerners buttons, to use our laws and customs against us, to use them to wage jihad on us by other means.

  11. The only issue here is how the MSM ignores the fact that a MUSLIM ref, yes that’s right, a MUSLIM ref, made that decision.
    How can we Canadians be surprised at the backlash of this when we allow Sikhs to wear their kirpans (ceremonial dagger) in public, even to school? Is it not a bigoted notion that only a Sikh can wear a weapon and not use it? So all others, black, white, yellow and red, christian, jew, muslim & hindu, are complete incapable of carrying their own daggers and machetes without using them, laws must apply to everyone.

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  13. thisisdumb says:

    i am ending this coversation once and for all please read the second paragraph in this link and i am sure you will agree with me. http://www.ussoccer.com/common/stContent.jsp_32-lawuni.html

    It clearly says that yes the relgious head gear is allowed “provided the referee finds that the headgear does not pose a danger to the player wearing it, or to the other players.”

    The head gear this girl had on was obviously a danger to herself. One rug on it and she would have been sent flying to the groud and then instead of hearing about this so called “horrible call” we would be hearing about another youth reffree having a lawsuit filed agnist him. THIS REF WAS 100% CORRECT.