Death by stoning in Sudan

The two women who are going to get this horrific punishment are from the Darfur area, didn;t speak arabic, had no Lawyer and their male partners naturally escaped punishment! Drima has it all coverd!


  1. Isn’t that unfair?

  2. No Americans or Israelis involved = no one cares about Muslims being killed by Muslims…

  3. Then get yourself involved Seraph ;)

    SM thanks for posting this. The instructions on what to do are already up on a new post!

  4. Here are two more things everyone can do.

    Visit The Darfur Wall – – and donate one dollar to light a number on the wall. Join thousands of others is opposing the genocide.

    Visit the Fidelity Out of Sudan website – This divestment project is gaining speed. If we can make Fidelity divest if will make a real difference.


  5. We need to put an end to this awful brutality. I agree adultery is wrong, but there has to be a reason for someone seeking love elsewhere. Anyway, whatever someone does, it doesnt justify taking a life. We dont live in the dark ages. we need to get a petition going and put a stop to this. i actually couldnt believe it when i heard it on the news.

  6. We need to put an end to this awful brutality.

  7. this is islam ….

  8. thanks for posting about this. It prompted me to go to the Amnesty website and write a letter.

  9. Gurli Magrethe MarieTeresa Fransen says:

    that is why so many woman convert to Islam …..masocist or what, do they love them self !!!

  10. Guys, if you want to understand what’s going on in the Radical Islamic world, you have to, have to, have to watch this brilliant documentary: