Egyptian Riot Police beats up Fire victims

A huge fire in Qalaat el Qabass in Cairo destroyed the homes of 1000 people last Tuesday. 200 of those people demonstrated demanding that the government provide them with shelter. The government sent Riot Police instead and beat them up. 27 of them are injured. For pictures of the aftermath, go here. (h/t Hosam ).


  1. I viewed the pictures :( Those poor people. The expressions on their face broke my heart. I’m not surprised that we didn’t hear about it over here through the major media outlets.

  2. Sad-While there are dozens of comments sympathizing with SM and his ilk because they got chased by the police while protesting for democracy, no one (Egyptian or foreigner) seems to give a damn about the suffering of these poor people. This is the true tragedy of Egypt, not the rick girls after curfew.