My vohhhk turned into ahhhhhht

I don't know how I feel about this:

Apparently my agonizing post on sunday's protest is turning into a piece of musical theathre, played tonight at 7 pm at the Sphinx agency, by this swiss artist couple. This is how they intend to perform it. I am not sure whether I am offended or flatterd, or whether I think this is awesome or retarded.

I will go and let you know!


  1. bizarre…

  2. Uchuck the Tuchuck says:

    I’d vote for “retarded” rather than “awesome.”

  3. Living interpretation of iconography…? Hope the girl half wears a shirt :)

  4. RocketRay says:

    Based on the background art, I’d vote for “teh ghey”. ;)

  5. What morons. Just think what they could be doing to prevent , oh, I don’t know, global warming, the next ice age? All this talent wasted. Well, maybe when they’re done being the objects of derision they’ll settle down and work toward world peace, or maybe cleaning up roadside trash around the world.

  6. Lutoklawski says:

    Ehhm, shame on you for labeling them as morons an retarded befor you have seen this.
    Jeez, when it comes to art you should have an open mind, guys.

  7. kinzi: I don’t hope that. Not at all. :D