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On God and good behavior

Not that I want to be viewed as someone who is anti-religion, but the writer of this article may have a point, and Egypt is the best possible place to prove it. People here have been getting more religious for the past 10 years, and yet, somehow, they are not better people for it!


Bombs, Bombs, everywhere

A suicide bomber nabbed in Egypt, who went to Al Azhar University. Just so we can keep count, Al Azhar has produced a "Blasphemer", a "Gay apostate christian convert zionist spy" and a suicidebomber! Fantastic!

Oh, and they found a bomb at the American University in Beirut. Sure, it's 200 grams of TNT, but still a bomb, you know? 

Bunch of monkeys

That's the best description I could give to the Egyptian MP's and their behaviour during the sessions to approve the President's constitutional Fiasco ammendments. The following examples reported by egyptian newspapers. I am not making any of this stuff up:

"..And that's when the crisis started between the NDP MP's and the Independent MP's, who in order to stall the vote stood on their chairs and started throwing chants at each other, so the NDP MP's started singing the egyptian national anthem 'Beladi Beladi' and urged the Independent MP's to sing along!" Al-Ahram

" Al-Ghad Party MP Ragab Hellal Hemeidah criticiszed the way the debate over the constitutional ammendments has been conducted, wondering what kind of debate over the ammednment is there when the only change the NDP MP's allowed so far has been an apostrophe and a period!" Al-Ahram newspaper

" Head of parliament Fathy Surrour, reportedly upset at the Muslim Brotherhood MP's for opposing the constitutional ammendments, told the MP's ' We have reached an impasse. You broke the agreement between me and you and you showed you can not be trusted. Don't talk to me again because I have nothing to say to you!' " Al Ahram newspaper

"And during the discussions over ammendment 88, MP Mostafa Bakry announced that he will not run for Parliament again if it gets approved, and suffered a stroke the moment it got approved and was transported quickly to the emergency room." Al Masry Al Youm

" When the NDP MP's, seemingly not paying attention voted for chnaging one of the proposed ammendments, Fathy Surrour, head of parliament, informed them of their mistake, started a re-vote and demanded that the MP's 'wake up a little!'" AL Masry Al Youm

"NDP MP Mufeed Shehab described the walk out of the Independent MP's and their boycott of the vote 'Intellectual terrorism and dictatorship' because 'they are a minority that want to tell the Majority what to do!'" Rose Al Yousef! 

Ahh, ya Om el Doniah! 

Landmark case

An egyptian jewish man whose family fled Egypt in 1962 to Canada after the egyptian government confiscated their property is suing Coca Cola for buying said property now, and the courts just gave him the green light to do so!

Bigio, a 63-year-old grandfather, said his family's land and
factories were confiscated by the Egyptian government in 1962 and the
lawsuit, one of the first of its kind, could set a precedent, leading
to other court battles brought by Jews seeking to recover assets seized
in the Arab world.

The Socialist revolutionary government of Egypt in the 60's has confiscated many properties of both egyptians and foreigners, especially the jews who ended up getting kicked out or fleeing Egypt thanks to the policies of the egyptian government. A lot of the property confisctaed from Egyptians was given back thanks to policy change sin the days of Sadat and Mubarak, but the same can not be said of the property seized from foreigners and given to army officers and their croneys. One wonders if Bigio wins this lawsuit if it will open the door to more lawsuits by ex-members of the egyptian expat communty who got their money and property stolen back in the day. Should be interesting either way!

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