Goodbye VHS

Roba's ode to that old dying technology! Moneyshot:

Perhaps most dramatically for myself though, I realize that one day
I will be talking about those heavy, boxy things that you had to
manually rewind in the same tone that my parents talk about old vinyl

“They were so big!” Mama would say. “And then, you would put the
needle on a specific location and it will actually start playing!”
we would ask her amused. “A needle? You couldn’t just press rewind and
wait for only 10 minutes for it to rewind by itself?”

None of those "Be kind, Rewind." stickers at Blockbusters! Ahh…  

2 Comments on Goodbye VHS

  1. John Cunningham
    April 11, 2007 at 9:54 am

    When they finally put something on the market, it is for all intent and purpose, obsolete. I was totally blown away when I bought a plug-and-play VCR. You mean it’s hooked to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado and it automatically sets the time? Yep. After having had a cell phone for three years I finally last week learned how to text message. I still have an analog TV. I’m trying to squeeze every last nickel out of it before I buy an HD television. The longer I can hold out the cheaper it will be when I finally have to buy a new one. Dam analog thing won’t break. It’s good I never got into buying a lot of VCR movies. I’m now hooked up to a cable system that has a million movie channels and though what I might want to see isn’t on, but there’s so much available, there’s bound to be something, anyway. I can’t wait for my television to break. I’ll be going from a 20″ analog, 750i TV to a 5′ HDTV, can you say 1080i. What is the new technology, blue ray? What’s that all about? Orgasmic.

  2. annamouse
    April 12, 2007 at 11:01 pm

    Oh gosh I still own albums and remember buying my first VHS. I think hubby has some 8 tracks stashed somewhere and an old Mac classic. Either we are pack rats or we will soon be able to open our own museum. 🙂


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