On those reform minded Egyptian Judges

The mask comes off!

It's a fantastic day when you relaize that every person whom you viewed as a personal hero turns out to be an asshole in the end!


  1. It does make you wonder about their ability to come to reasonable conclusions in other cases…!

  2. Seneferu says:

    Well I’m proud to have seen them as asses from the very start. How could you not see it? (For starters and from a very superficial level this dude wears the trademark stache-less brotherhood beard, and the other big kahuna spoke like a text-book demagogue and once lectured Mubarak and the rest of the arab leaders on how they should be acquiring nuclear energy [?])

    But noo…pop-demo culture must have it that the government services must’ve implanted a chip in the mind of this judge to make him speak against equal appointment of women judges, and moreover was quoted by a government agent-reporter who is out to tarnish his image…

  3. Aardvark EF-111B says:

    did not you realize so far that the egyptian opposition coalision with the Brotherhood is illusion!
    the brotherhood is the government watchdog for the moralities of its cattle people!!!