Azmi Bisharah, escaping Israel?

The Rumor mill is working overtime on this!


  1. Him leaving is better than him staying I guess.

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  2. Aardvark EF-111B says:

    A bankrupt politician desperately seeking more publicity, LOL

  3. the syrians called in there lap puppy

  4. John Cunningham says:

    Something like ‘the rats abandoning ship’ comes to mind. Fortunately he’s swimming the wrong way.

  5. SoCalJustice says:

    The poor bastard – he was clearly born to be a kleptocratic baathist dictator or desert monarch and had the bad fortune of being born in a democracy.

    Life sucks.

  6. “Escaping”, “fled”.

    Hehehe. The old Zionist empire with their refusal to let anyone leave.

    If they ever develop an impenetrable suit of armor, I might like to visit the alternative reality that most of humanity lives in. Though, only for a day. Kind of like visiting hell in a yellow submarine.

  7. Azmi Bishara’s political autism achieved art form status in Syria. The great humanist saw and heard no evil as hundreds of political prisoners rot in Syrian prisons…

    Read more from Dr Yohai Sela article (9/26/2006) at:

  8. Good riddance, what fantastic news! Sounds too good to be true… Hope he doesn’t change his mind. I’d help pay for everyone else in Balad-Hadash, to follow his footsteps.