Quelling Rumors

Let's put this one to rest once and for all: I am still in Egypt. I am staying in Egypt. I am not in the US and I am not going to the US. Ok? Khalas? Eshta!


  1. Andrew Brehm says:

    Good to see you back blogging!

  2. Oh wow, you’re back!

    Great to see you writing again

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother, though …

  3. :)

    I might be coming to Egypt soon and it would be great if I can see you ;)

  4. Khalidah, tab3an u will see me. when u coming?

  5. Maybe in a couple of weeks … I know it will be in Ramadan but I guess it would be a nice to experience Egypt in this month … everyone says it is different :D

  6. Egyptian in Germany says:

    Hi SM,

    I am very happy to see you blogging again. I missed very much your blogs. My condolences to you for your grandmother passing away. Wish you all the patience,
    Egyptian in Germany

  7. Swear I saw you at a Arkansas 7-11.

  8. Jason from Toronto (now Calgary) says:

    Good to see you back in action SM … Was just foolin around in facebook thinking something was missing … Checked in and voila .. your back! :D
    Condolences on the passing of your grandmother.