Don't Panic

So Sayeth Egypt's PM Ahmed Nazif, when confronted with the rumors of Mubarak's death and the fear of instability that would ensue. Why? Well, because there is apparently "a scenario in place for the transfer of Power, and we are a country that has a constitution, a Parliament and a government. Not to mention, there was never a bloody transfer of power in Egypt before." (Link in arabic)

 You see, nevermind that our constitution is a sham, our parliament is a rubberstamp institution, and our government centralized to the whims to one man. No siree, I shouldn't be worried, because Egypt never had a bloody transfer of power before. Yeah, Ok, how about Egypt was never in such a bad shape before, or how about the second man in power was always known before? Does this count at all? I still shouldn't be panicking? 

The best part of all of this, he didn't address those remarks to the people. He addressed them to the Euromoney conference participants. You know, foreign investors. That's the important segment to cater too and comfort. We wouldn't want them to panic now, would we? 

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