Straight from the heart

I have a couple of friends who always complain about their lives and how much they wouldn't mind killing themselves. Those are the same people who are rich, good-looking, talented, smart and suffer usually from existential dilemmas that they cause for themselves. For those people, I give you the eternal wisdom of  Christopher Titus right here!

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  1. N. American Princess
    September 13, 2007 at 2:15 am

    Interesting that in a country like Egypt there is ennui that pervades a segment of society and leads to thoughts of suicide.Your friends need a raison d’etre. Suggest that they become philanthropists in the way your late grandmother was. Egypt has a wide array of social issues that they could help contribute to. If they are focussed on others, they don’t have time 2 create existentiall dilemmas for themselves.


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