National Sex Day

Gotta love the russians.

The governor of Ulyanovsk region in Russia is
offering prizes to couples who have babies in exactly nine months – on
Russia's national day on 12 June.

Sergei Morozov wants couples to take the day off work to
have sex. If a baby is born on national day, they will receive cars,
TVs or other prizes.

All jokes aside, there is something very peculiar about intiatives like this or like the one the Pope is endorsing, and it outlines a growing yet unspoken fear amongst leaders of western countries that the white europeans are declining in numbers. People in western countries are not that interested in reproduction anymore, and more interested in leading happy carefree lives. However, with the immigrant populations (read:nonwhites) increasing in numbers, in 20-30 years white secular europeans might not be the majority in europe anymore, which could pretty much mean the end of their culture, and, more importantly, their hold on power.

There are adjustments being made of course, and contingency plans underway. The Christian churches are now concentrating on poor african and hispanic countries to find new members who are not afraid of having babies. The US political parties are slowly realizing that whites won't be the majority soon anymore, which is making courting the Hispanic vote a must if they hope to survive and continue on the long run. But until now,  west europe- with all of its opening of borders with eastern european countries to increase the numbers of whites to counter the "darky immigrants"- has been proven to have the biggest problem: Its birthrates declining, which is affecting their economic structure and future, its muslim population is increasing exponentially and they are starting to play politics and demand europe to adjust to their culture, and its population couldn't care less either way. So maybe such intiatives are necessary after all. Get white people to have sex and make babies. Whatever it takes to win the demographics war!


  1. see ya the response on BP

  2. The research does show that second generation immigrants do eventually end up copying the family planning patterns of the natives.

    What these declining birthrate countries need to address is why their culture discourages children.

  3. I thought you stopped blogging? Why haven’t you been arrested yet? Your defamation of Masri knows no bounds. Or are you in Israel now?

  4. “why their culture discourages children.”

    Poor people have lots of children in the hope that some will survive to support them in their old age. In rich countries, if you have two children, they will almost certainly both still be alive to support you, so there is no need to have eight or ten. Anyway, in developed countries many people have decent pensions to live on.

    A more recent reason to have fewer or no children is that the planet is massively over-populated. China is the only country with a rational policy here.