I have to say that I love Kabobfest's review of The Kingdom. I mean, how could you not love the rantings of grad-students who berate actors for wasting "credit" gained in starring "progressive" films and manage to quote Noam Chomsky in the same breath? I ain't got nothing on those guys!


  1. Uchuck the Tuchuck says:

    I read the review article and offer the following translation:

    We went to see the movie and we hated it because it didn’t blame everything on Americans. It is wrong for an actor to make a movie that doesn’t blame everything on Americans. Actors are supposed to be political activists, not entertainers. Our intermural softball team sucks, but that’s something to be proud of because Chomsky said team sports are bad.

  2. Roman Kalik says:

    Hehe, that translation was pretty good, Uchuck.

  3. I know a guy who worked on the movie. It was shot in Phoenix Arizona, and he sent me stills to look at and comment on.

    I had to laugh because there were saguaro in the pics. I told him they better edit out the cactus, as I do not believe saguaro grows in the ME.

  4. Uchuck the Tuchuck says:

    What can I say, Roman Kalik? I’m a professor and get to translate grad student speak all semester long. Thanks for the compliment.

  5. I can’t wait till it comes out!