Living without Toilet Paper

A Manhattan family is attempting to live for a year without impacting the environment negatively. No A/C, No Electricity, No Washing machine, No Plastics, No Trash and No Toilet Paper. I may not share their views, but damn do I admire their conviction! Let's hope Al Gore Follows suit, I am sure he could last a week. Can't say the same about Tipper* though.

 *Ok, is it just me, or is Tipper Gore the only woman called Tipper in the US? I have never met a Tipper in my life, neither does anyone I know, have you? Who the hell would name their kid Tipper anyway? 


  1. Tipper is a nickname, not her real name.

    My uncle’s nickname for my aunt was Tootie, and we called her Aunty Tootie. I think her real name was Mary. (Just joshing, I know her real name was Mary).

  2. it sound pretty like a non-sense for the preservation of the world, kind of “anorexie” crisis : too radical !

  3. I once knew a guy called Tupper, also a nickname, but no Tippers.

  4. It’s a peculiar Southern habit – hopefully dying out in our generation – of grown women keeping their little girl nicknames well into old age. A former US Comptroller is married to a lady universally known as Puddin’. Seriously. She must be closing in on 70, a very dignified lady, and everyone calls her Puddin’.

    I call my little girl Goofy Butt, but I don’t expect her to keep that name into her adulthood.

  5. What these people are doing might be a bit extreme for most people but every one can do small things that really won’t impact their daily lives at all but that will help the environment.

  6. Do you REALLY want to meet someone named “Tipper”??????????