The Hole Mitt Romney's comapign dug for him

This is such a funny story. Ok, check this out: Mitt Romney's campaign wanted to show that it is hip and internet savvy, so they created a campaign ad contest , where the average internet user can design the next Mitt Romney Campaign ad. Just go on this wesbite, and create an ad using a number of provided videoclips, audioclips and photos, and the most popular and viewed ad will become their next campaign ad. Well, Bruce Reed from Slate ( a raging Democrat), decided to make his own Romney campaign ad, and called it "Way" . And guess what? It's the most viewed one, the top ad off all the other ads, and if the Romney campaign keeps it word, it might have to air it anyway, and if it doesn't, it will be a PR snafu: so much for respecting the choice of the people. Either way the stormin mormon is screwed!

This is so gonna get funny!

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