Kefayah Demonstration tonight

Tonight @9 PM, Talaat Harb Square, to protest the jailing of the 4 Opposition Newspapers editors in Chief and in solidarity with the Mahalla workers protest. I know it's a thursday night in Ramadan and all, but, like, you can always smoke shisha later. Be there!


  1. John Cunningham says:

    I’d love to visit the pyramids but, this type of stuff scares the shit out of me. Here, sometimes we have to listen to democrats but we can always change the channel or walk away.

  2. Andrew Alles says:

    Best of luck! Protest those fascists all the way to their graves!

  3. says:

    Good luck, stay safe, and post pics later if you have them!

  4. Hope it went well.

  5. Nice to see you back SM!

    Take it to the screwheads.

  6. SM:
    Good to see you back and in good spirits…Blogging has not been the same without you.I didn’t get all that was happening, but from a couple of things I have heard the copts are not fairing too well recently…Stay safe.

  7. SM,
    Glad to see you back. Hope everything’s OK…I tried to post once before, let us see if this one goes through. Never got a reply like the one I got this time..Something forbidden…..Didn’t understand it. Stay safe

  8. So nice to read from you again Sandy.
    Good luck! Stay safe.