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Facebook creepiness finally exploited

*This post is only relevant to Facebookers. So if you are a MySpace user or are not on any social network, you have no reason to read this. If you are an HI5 user, please shoot yourself now! Seriously!*

I have warned the people on Facebook about third-party applications before, how it gives people they don't know and aren't part of the Facebook staff (read: people you can't really sue) complete access to their information. Well, some listened, but the majority didn't, and now there is a price to be paid for your privacy: 9.95$ to be exact. The people who made the "Compare Friends" application, on which people vote anonymously and give their true opinions of their friends, well, are acting like a stoolies and offering to sell the information "Who thinks what about you" for 9.95 on Paypal for anyone who wants to buy it. That could be you, your bestfriend, or your sworn enemy who wants to destroy your relationship with your best friend. Sounds like fun, huh? Well, those applications usually are, as people who use them keep telling me.  Well, I bet you are having a blast now, dontcha?

Living without Toilet Paper

A Manhattan family is attempting to live for a year without impacting the environment negatively. No A/C, No Electricity, No Washing machine, No Plastics, No Trash and No Toilet Paper. I may not share their views, but damn do I admire their conviction! Let's hope Al Gore Follows suit, I am sure he could last a week. Can't say the same about Tipper* though.

 *Ok, is it just me, or is Tipper Gore the only woman called Tipper in the US? I have never met a Tipper in my life, neither does anyone I know, have you? Who the hell would name their kid Tipper anyway? 

Athiests vs. Mormons

I really shouldn't have found this as funny as I did, but it's pretty damn amusing.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Mormons. The ones I've met so far have been nothing but the perfect image of politeness, honesty and decency. Sure, me and them always had different ideas of fun, and they really made me aware of my cussing, but other than that they are really good people. That being said, seriously, lay off the Saturday Morning visits. They are just not winning you any friends, and is placing you in the same group as the Jehova's witnesses, and that's just not cool!

Breastfeeding Fatwa Aftershocks

Remember the "Breast feeding Fatwa "? Yeah, me too. It drove me crazy not to write about it. Well, it seems that  even thought the idiot who issued it got fired from Al Azhar , there are some people who still take it seriously. Like This Algerian dude, who is threatehning his wife with divorce if she doesn;t breastfeed his visiting friend, since he will be staying with them throughout Ramadan. When the story came out, Shams El Deen Borby, one of Algeria's biggest Fatwa issuers, issues a warning against "Imported Fatwas". Cause, you know, Islamic Fatwas are regional and not universal.

Borby gets to put in a luagh though, with his proclamation that this isn't the first time such a case is presented to him. Apprently an Elderly Merchant once called him and told him that he has a young lucious girl working in his store. He also informed him that he had heard of the Breastfeeding Fatwa and really liked it, and wanted to "implement it" with the said employee.

Gotta love the Middle East! 

Halo 3

Ok, so longtime readers of this blog know I am a Halo fanatic, so when I saw the 3 commercials for the new game (here , here and especially here ), I was struck with its genius. But I can't buy it: an Xbox 360 is sold in Egypt for almost 1000$, and I ain;t spending 1000$ for something worth 300 in the US. So, yeah, I guess I will have to wait a while to kill me more goddamn aliens!Frown


Ayman Nour gets a death threat from Mortada Mansour

Ayman Nour is accusing Mortada Mansour- the jailed trouble making ex-MP from the NDP- of threatening to kill him inside Jail. The Story goes that Nour Found someone screaming his name, and when he looked he saw Mortada standing at the door of the room, stopped by the secret Police Guard, while verbally lashing at Nour, insulting him and threatening to kill him. Nour is also claiming that Mortada alleges that he is doing this in co-ordination with the jail's security forces and known political figures in exchange for special privileges in Jail. I would say that this is probably nothing, but after the murder Suicide of the Witness in Ayman's case, all bets are off. The conventional wisdom is: This man won't get out of Jail alive!

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