Yay for Amazon grocery stores

It's the place to go for all of your gorcery needs, whether it's free range goose , Ostrich , fresh whole rabbits and Elk Caracss , and really who couldn't use him an Elk Carcass? It's the perfect Christmas gift if you ask me. Imagine , Christmas morning, and you open your gift and it's an elk Carcass or a whole dead rabbit. Now tell me, wouldn't that be special? Doesn't that just scream "Christmas gift" to you?

Also, check out the reviews. They are Hilarious! 

For the working bloggers amongst you

And may you never forget that!

Burger King wishes you a happy Ramadan

National Sex Day

Gotta love the russians.

The governor of Ulyanovsk region in Russia is
offering prizes to couples who have babies in exactly nine months – on
Russia's national day on 12 June.

Sergei Morozov wants couples to take the day off work to
have sex. If a baby is born on national day, they will receive cars,
TVs or other prizes.

All jokes aside, there is something very peculiar about intiatives like this or like the one the Pope is endorsing, and it outlines a growing yet unspoken fear amongst leaders of western countries that the white europeans are declining in numbers. People in western countries are not that interested in reproduction anymore, and more interested in leading happy carefree lives. However, with the immigrant populations (read:nonwhites) increasing in numbers, in 20-30 years white secular europeans might not be the majority in europe anymore, which could pretty much mean the end of their culture, and, more importantly, their hold on power.

There are adjustments being made of course, and contingency plans underway. The Christian churches are now concentrating on poor african and hispanic countries to find new members who are not afraid of having babies. The US political parties are slowly realizing that whites won't be the majority soon anymore, which is making courting the Hispanic vote a must if they hope to survive and continue on the long run. But until now,  west europe- with all of its opening of borders with eastern european countries to increase the numbers of whites to counter the "darky immigrants"- has been proven to have the biggest problem: Its birthrates declining, which is affecting their economic structure and future, its muslim population is increasing exponentially and they are starting to play politics and demand europe to adjust to their culture, and its population couldn't care less either way. So maybe such intiatives are necessary after all. Get white people to have sex and make babies. Whatever it takes to win the demographics war!

The Washingtonpost shills for Amr Khaled


Osama, the leftist?

Did any of you read his speech's transcript? I thought I was the only one who saw parallels, but apparently not:

And Iraq and Afghanistan and their tragedies; and the
reeling of many of you under the burden of interest-related debts,
insane taxes and real estate mortgages; global warming and its woes;
and the abject poverty and tragic hunger in Africa; all of this is but
one side of the grim face of this global system.

Dennis Kucinich? Naomi "No Logo" Klein? Daniel "Dany the Red"
Cohn-Bendit? If you guessed "none of the above," you are either an
astute observer of the anti-globalization movement, or you have already
read a transcript of
Osama Bin Laden's latest video production. If so, you will also know
that Bin Laden, after denouncing the "capitalist system," which "seeks
to turn the entire world into a fiefdom of the major corporations,"
calls for Americans to convert to Islam because, among other things,
taxes are lower in Islamic states. It's a genuinely bizarre, almost
ridiculous document—and before it is forgotten in the coming debate on
Gen. David Petraeus' Iraq report, it's worth spending a few minutes, on
the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11, trying to understand what it might


Real or fake, the message might still hint at the direction in which
al-Qaida propaganda, or at least al-Qaida propaganda designed for the
Western market, is now heading. In a recent Slate piece, Reza Aslan eloquently described how the organization's list of alleged "grievances"—which
now include global warming, corporate capitalism, and African poverty,
as well as the American bases in Saudi Arabia—weave "local and global
resentments into a single anti-American narrative, the overarching aim
of which is to form a collective identity across borders and

Using the left's argument's and grievances to court and win sympathy and support. Not the newest trick for islamists, but a very effective one historically, starting with the Iranian revolution and passing by the support of Kefaya to the Muslim Brotherhood and ending with the current direction of the collaboration of the left and the islamists to counter the great american empire. The sad thing is, the islamists always screw over the leftists eventually, and the leftists never learn.


Ossama’s beard, revisited

Sully gives our favorite Jihady some "grooming tips", regarding the state of his very controversial beard!

The Pope wants you to have unprotected Sex

Lots and lots of it. You gotta make babies people. Lot's of babies.

Here is an idea, the Vatican has lots of freakin money, so how about a cash incentive for babies? Every child born catholic gets like an ancient scroll worth thousands of dollars or something. Sure, they may get bankrupt now, but they will make it back in dividends years from now in donation money. Wait, did I just suggest that the catholic church should give money to parents so that they can have kids and send them to catholic churches so that they can become alterboys for catholic priests?

Yeah, no, scrap that. Just stick to the sex people. An Orgasm is its own reward!

Hitchens vs. Tariq Ramadan

He dissects the godfather of "Islamophobia":

Thus, he tells Egyptian television that the destruction of the
Israeli state is for the moment "impossible" and in Mantua described
the idea of stoning adulterous women as "unimplementable." This is
something less than a full condemnation, but he is quick to say that
simple condemnation of such things would reduce his own "credibility"
in the eyes of a Muslim audience that, or so he claims, he wants to
modernize by stealth.

His day-to-day politics have the same surreptitious air to them. The donations he made to Hamas (donations that led to difficulties receiving a visa
to teach at the University of Notre Dame, a position he eventually
resigned) were small gifts directed to Hamas' "humanitarian" and
"relief" wing. He did not actually say that there was no proof of Osama
Bin Laden's involvement in the atrocities of Sept. 11, 2001; he only
warned against a rush to judgment. He often criticizes the existing
sharia regimes, such as that of Saudi Arabia, especially for their
corruption, but such criticism is as often the symptom of a more
decided Islamist alignment as it is a counterindication of it.

In Mantua, he was trying to deal with the question of dual loyalty, as
between allegiance to Islam and allegiance to the democratic secular
European governments under which Muslim immigrants now choose to live.
He redirected the question to South Africa, where, he said, under the
apartheid system there was a moral duty not to obey the law. After
sitting through this and much else, I rose to ask him a few questions.
Wasn't it true that the Muslim leadership in South Africa had actually
endorsed the apartheid regime? Wasn't it evasive of him to discuss the
headscarf in France rather than the more pressing question of the veil
or niqab in Britain? Wasn't it true that imams in Denmark had
solicited the intervention of foreign embassies to call for censorship
of cartoons in Copenhagen? And was it not the case that he owed his
position as an informal cultural negotiator to the fact that his
grandfather, Hassan al-Banna, had been the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist organization of which his father had also been a leader in Egypt?

I want a debate between those two. I demand one. And it should be televised all over the world. The Hitch vs. the MB's Edward Saeed. Tell me that wouldn't rock!

Ok, so maybe I am a dork who gets excited over such things, but come on. It would be soo awesome!

Fine, fine, I will shut up! 

Liberals are smart

According to this study, they can handle ambiguity and and conflict better than conservatives.

Previous psychological studies have found that conservatives tend to be
more structured and persistent in their judgments whereas liberals are
more open to new experiences. The latest study found those traits are
not confined to political situations but also influence everyday

The results show "there are two cognitive styles — a liberal style and
a conservative style," said UCLA neurologist Dr. Marco Iacoboni, who
was not connected to the latest research.


Analyzing the data, Sulloway said liberals were 4.9 times as likely as
conservatives to show activity in the brain circuits that deal with
conflicts, and 2.2 times as likely to score in the top half of the
distribution for accuracy.

And just when you are willing to maybe entertain the idea that this study is not politically biased, well..

Sulloway said the results could explain why President Bush demonstrated
a single-minded commitment to the Iraq war and why some people
perceived Sen. John F. Kerry, the liberal Massachusetts Democrat who
opposed Bush in the 2004 presidential race, as a "flip-flopper" for
changing his mind about the conflict.

Ahh, ok! 

The Wachowski brothers are no more

Cause one of them just completed a sex change operation. Do you care about this at all? Yeah, me neither. It's a slow news day, OK?

The Bin Laden Question

Well, the Intelligence community is looking for the answer. And no, no, it's not the question of where he is hiding. We all know he is hiding in wazirstan, and that he is alive and well, so well he married last year Hala el shobohsky from the saudi shobokshy family, so that question is no longer valid. The real question of the hour in the intelligence community, it seems, is that concerning OBL's new black beard.

Questions over the elusive Saudi extremist's beard cropped up at a
Congressional hearing Monday featuring top US security experts,
including Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell.

"First, is this his beard?" Republican Senator Norm Coleman asked the spy chief. "Do we expect that — is it a signal?"

McConnell swiftly rejected any possibility that the hair in his chin was intended to send any signal to his Al-Qaeda members.

"So far, we do not think there's been a signal. He's done this
periodically, as has (Ayman al-) Zawahiri (the group's
second-in-command), and there has not been a correlation necessarily
between one of these tapes or a public statement and a particular
event," McConnell said.

But he wondered whether Bin Laden's beard was genuine.

"The big question in the community this morning, 'Is that beard real,'
because as you know, just a few years ago, the last time he appeared,
it was very different," he said.

"So we don't know if it's dyed and trimmed or real, but that's one of the things we're looking at. But no specific message."


I really can't improve on that with a joke. No comment is the best policy here. 

The Facebook drinking Game

Not advisable with tequila!

Straight from the heart

I have a couple of friends who always complain about their lives and how much they wouldn't mind killing themselves. Those are the same people who are rich, good-looking, talented, smart and suffer usually from existential dilemmas that they cause for themselves. For those people, I give you the eternal wisdom of  Christopher Titus right here!

The Longest Movie title ever

Belongs to the new Indiana Jones Movie. Check it out here!

Key Witness in Ayman Nour’s case found hanged

..in his cell.

One of the key
witnesses and defendants in the trial of Egyptian opposition leader
Ayman Nour was found hanged in his prison cell in central Cairo
yesterday morning, security sources said.

Ayman Esmail Hassan,
who during Nour's trial retracted his testimony against the politician,
hanged himself with a sheet in the prison where he was serving a
five-year sentence on a charge of forging documents, they added.

Hassan said he had made up his testimony under pressure from state security police, who had threatened members of his family.

"I confessed to
forgery under pressure from officers from state security," Hassan told
reporters on June 30, 2005, after his lawyer told the court he had
changed his plea to not guilty.

The court disregarded his retraction and went on to sentence both Ayman Nour and Ayman Hassan to five years in prison.


Amir Salem, the lawyer
who defended Nour in the trial and who has been trying to secure his
release on health grounds, said: "He [Hassan] was the only person taken
alone and put in the Appeals prison [in central Cairo], and according
to his family he complained constantly of ill treatment."

"He was the only
person in the Ayman Nour case who insisted on retracting his statements
against Ayman Nour, and he admitted twice in front of court that all
his statements were contrived," Salem said. "[The judge] refused to pay

You kind of get the feeling that the Egyptian government isn't even trying to pretend or save face anymore. 


Bahrain is running for UN rights council

Well, Egypt already has a seat. Why the fuck not let Bahrain in? Parrrrtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

The Egyptian government wants to watch you

The Egyptian government wants to create a new ID card- called the "Contact-less card" -for its citizens- that's you and me, Bub- to complement the other 6 forms of ID we have (Personal ID, driver's license, Voting Card, Passport, Military service ID card and Family ID card- the last one to keep track of your wives and children. Nope, not kidding!), because u know, 6 is not enough. The new card is going to have the citizen's full financial information and bank dealings, criminal record, health record, and all dealings with the government. The new ID is suppsoed to provide a "leap in civic service".

Ok, all togetehr now in 3. 1,2, 3: FUCK THAT SHIT! Not doing it. Not gonna happen. The government has no business knowing my bank dealings, my health or what I go to the different governmental agencies for. Isn;t it bad enough they list you marital status, job and religion on your ID card?

Nope. Not Playing. Let them arrest me, but I ain't doing it! 

Rudy would back McCain

On Video . Too bad nobody else is.

The Daily Sta..sorry..the Daily News sucks

You been to the Daily News (formerly the Daily Star) website lately? They are so void of new and interesting content (and quite possibly visitors), that their Today's most read section has stuff from 2006. Actually, let's go over the dates together: December 9 2006 , February 20 2007 , November 7 2006 , and April 19 2007 .

Daily Star people, we are in September 2007. Get with the program, hire new people, whatever. Just do something!