Putin ain’t going nowhere

Some people, including me, were worried that Putin might change the Russian constitution in order to be able to run for a third term, and possibly more, as Russia's President, which of course leads to the creation of a totalitarian regime in Russia instead of its fragile democracy. But we may all have misjudged the man. Russia's strong man is hinting that he might change the constitution, not to extend the presidential term limits, but so that the powers of the state reside with the office of the Prime Minister instead of the President. He then he intends to run for the office of Prime Minister after that, which, ehh, has no term limits.

And people call him a wannabe dictator. Pfftttttttt! 


  1. i think he is more interested in making money more than being dictator

  2. isn’t he a clever tsar ? prime minister till 2012, then president till 2022

  3. anonymous says:

    Better than having the lawlessness of the Russian mafias and oligoarchs..

  4. You know how it is with old dogs and new tricks… He’s not an ex-KGB officer for nothing!

    Anonymous: It seems that his terms in power has produced a harder crackdown on his political critics than on the russian mafia…!

    Of course, to his defence must be mentioned the fact that democracy in Russia is young and the russian mindset has always demanded a strong leader. Therefore their way to democracy as we know it in the west is not just around the corner.

  5. Roman Kalik says:

    Ah, back to the good old days of totalitarianism!

    Thank you, Mother Russia, for reminding me yet again why my family gave you the finger on our way out.

  6. Scary development if you’d ask me.

  7. It just takes time, that’s all… What’s important is that we, and especially the russians, realize this. Democracy and western wealth won’t come overnight, something that seems to have been the expectation of most russians after Jeltsin came to power. We just have to keep up the preassure and eventually russia will come around – it may take time but it will happen.