The Titanic Conspiracy

It was the US government and the Jews behind it, of course!


  1. Come on, this seems more like a joke page to me. If the guy is serous he is not into conspercy theories – he’s schizophrenic.

  2. John Cunningham says:

    Amused, they believe what they say. They are stark, raving lunatics. In this country you have the right to be a stark, raving lunatic and some choose to exercise that right to the fullest.

  3. hilarious

    I used to work on cruise ships .

    incidently, MS Renaissance had the same meeting with an iceberg around the Spitzberg, (I wasn’t on though) a tear alike one on a tin box, the difference with the Titanic, she didn’t sink but carried on her travel (slowlier though) to the next Norway harbourfor repearing.

    because since the Titanic, the ships manufacturings included a double water-tight bulkheads ;

    A passenger died of a heart-break when he happened to realize the crash

  4. Its a joke page trust me, if you go to the link for the video on youtube its quite obvious its a joke.

  5. Hilarious!

    I feel SNL episode is coming.

  6. teeyazkoms kolokom hamra says:

    yup its a joke to try and divert attention from the real Egyptian Slaves (now called Jews) and how they have brain damage from all the Trauma of always being killed for going against their prophet Abraham and Moses and coveting thy neighbors props LOL, hence the hard on for pseudo-Zion. Simple. Thank s sandmonkey, you have a place in pseudo-heaven too.

  7. Of course it was the Jews. Iceberg, Goldberg, they’re all the same…

  8. The iceberg did it, we should first sue the iceberg itself and write conspiracy books about it how someone put the iceberg there on purpose! Yes!