Writing christian pop songs

You know how they say that christian pop is basically regualr pop with the word baby replaced by the word Jesus? Well, me and my co-horts at Sandmonkey Inc. have put this theory to the test, and it works. For example:

"My loneliness is killing me, and I must confess, I still believe, when I am not with you I lose my mind. Give me a sign, hit me Jesus one more time"


"Jesus, come to me,
Let me put my arms around you,
This was meant to be,
And I'm oh so glad I found you
, Need you ev'ry day,
Gotta have your love around me, Jesus, always stay,
'Cause I can't go back to livin' without you." 

or if you are looking for something from this year:

"Tell me Jesus, what's your story? Where you come from, and where you wanna go this time?"


Well, the list of "Baby" songs is here. Try it out. It's fun! 


  1. Sufism is another thing, replacing romantic love with God.

  2. Since you’re hitting on a deity, why not Allah? or Brahma? Is Mazda out of bounds?

  3. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Yes, thank you Sherif. South Park did it. That was one of my favorite episodes.

  4. People love stories and especially stories which they can relate to. I found that if you can provide a rags-to-riches story or some other success story, people will relate to it. It builds trust.