Britney Spears is seriously desperate

No longer a virgin, no longer a novelty, no longer the pop princess who can't sing, but who is so hot we all ignored it. She is now the divorced mother of two who is going through the worst public meltdown since Lindsey Lohan's face started gracing magazine covers. So she resorts to the one thing she can do really well: Strip. In an attempt to be shocking and daring, Brit decides that what she needs to do is to embrace her white-trash public image some more, and film a music video where she strips with a pole and shows off her naked breasts for all to see. Newsflash babe: they are not nearly enough to resurrect your career. Plus, aren't you still breastfeeding? What the hell is wrong with you?

Take a vacation sweetie. Please!


  1. Well, we all need a new Michael Jackson, don’t we :) ?

  2. Good advice. Wish she’d take it.