Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

 The Bearmanpig strikes again!

They are just giving those away now, huh?


  1. hes got good relations

  2. Heh, Al Gore lives in a big 20 room mansion which takes something like 10 times the amount of energy to maintain than the average American home.

  3. John Cunningham says:

    Maybe he’ll run for President of the world. At least it would keep him out of the US. He and Carter could share a private jet and take shots at the US telling us all about what we’re doing wrong and why the world hates us all the while people are tripping over themselves to enter the country illegally to come here. People voting with their feet.

  4. Nah. The committee’s just sandbagging the world. Look for the next Peace Prize to be a joint posthumous award to Rachel Carson, Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin.

  5. I think u should apply or do something, i betting u will get it. but not for peace for civil disobedience

  6. I think the Nobel Peace Prize should go to the guy who invented blogs.

  7. “I think the Nobel Peace Prize should go to the guy who invented blogs.”

    I was thinking exactly the same yesterday. But who was it?

    If Gore gets a prize for anything, it should be for establishing the budget that got the Internet off the ground. He is right to be proud of that. Without funding, it would not have started, and there would be no blogs.

  8. I’m seriaaaal! That ‘manbearpig’ episode was awesome…

    But regardless of whatever ulterior political motives he has and regardless of the ‘good relations’ that got him something like a Nobel prize…at least he’s doing something relatively good. There are probably much more diabolical people out there we should be criticizing.

  9. “relatively good” = foistering a hoax on the world the solution to which, if he had his way, would mean the total collapse of the global economy and a return to agrarian societies world wide.

    Yeah. I suppose there’s worse things out there than a return to the Dark Ages. I’m just not sure what we’ll do with all the liberals who are unfit for a lifestyle OTHER than in big cities. ;p

  10. Man I love this blog, you guys are so predictable. John Cunningham is my favorite here, completely off his rocker

  11. Don Cox @ 7

    I agree with your comment on AG and Internet. The only thing I would like to suggest is that we replace internet with WWW to avoid confusion.

  12. “Bearmanpig.” Funny. Trenchant criticism, and cutting too, especially considering the source. Here’s to hoping the ad hominems mean that mummy cut some of the lard out of your diet for Eid.

  13. John Cunningham says:

    Hi, Davey, if you want to see how off my rocker I am you might be interested in trolling http://www.littlegreenfootballs.com, I’m JohnRC there and http://www.patdollard.com, I’m the same there as here.

  14. hey, John, you want some more sport there ? :lol:

  15. That picture just screams “Here I am! Rock you like a hurricane!”

  16. Looks like the Nobel Peace Prize Committee was well and truly bought. Keep in mind that that committee is separate from the real Nobel Prize group, that hands out the real prizes, in Physics, Medicine, Chemistry, ….

  17. Uchuck the Tuchuck says:

    Why did he get the Peace Prize? Isn’t his big gig the environment?

  18. Nobel Peace Prize: NEW Global Warming Antiperspirant

    AP – Al Gore has for a long time been full of hot air. He has a vivid imagination about the world around him. His inherent mistrust of the seasons seems to stem from an episode of the Twilight Zone, in which the Earth gets too close to the Sun. Summers are hot & sticky, and Al is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures needed to create a more effective global deodorant.

    If college roommate, Tommy Lee Jones, could save the City of Los Angeles from errant magma (Volcano), and the world entire from a giant cockroach (Men In Black), then certainly big Al Gore deserves a prize for his global initiative to combat global wetness. The same active ingredient and trusted formula that kept our leaders dry during the Cold War – now in unscented. As the planet heats up, you don’t have to! Clinton tested: guaranteed to leave no trace.

    Now that Global Warming has been legitimized, a “private group” out of Monterey California of all places, wants to seed the North Atlantic with iron oxide particulate, to help plankton absorb more carbon dioxide (greenhouse gasses). Strategy: “cleanup the planet and make a buck on the side.” Another inconvenient truth; here’s how their misguided scam to pirate the “Peace Dividend” sparked the worst terrorist attacks on United States soil: http://theseedsof9-11.com

  19. I’m not a fan of Gore but i think that global warming derserves shedding light on.

    But I think the Nobel prize is too big for him. He got an Oscar, that was more than enough for him!!

  20. Mabrouk ya Gore when the above get their asses fried they will appreciate your efforts