Breaking news: Sudanese shot while crossing border to Israel

The egyptian authorities opened fire at a group of african refugees who were trying to cross the border to Israel. 6 managed to cross the border, one sudanese man was killed and 4 eritreans were arrested by the Egyptian authorities.


  1. Andrew Brehm says:

    The USA are trying to stop Mexicans from crossing the border from Mexico to the US.

    Egypt is trying to stop Sudanese from crossing the border from Egypt to Israel.

    The middle east is truly more multi-cultural than the US.

    I wonder why Egypt can stop Sudanese refugees from crossing the border but cannot stop terrorists from crossing into Gaza?

  2. You gotta love this species…

    WE create fake spooky Gods and we kill in their name. WE create political theories and kill those who don’t follow them and use terms like ‘iron curtain’ and ‘axis of evil’. WE create imaginary borders and kill those who cross them.


  3. John Cunningham says:

    And if they’re just passing through, why shoot them?


    It is funny how others don’t even allow me to post a comment… It seems that free speech and open opinion are not afforded to me…

  5. BTW, this is a woman living in the U.S.while her husband studies at Duke University that doesn’t want to allow free comments on her web site!
    I feel terribly sorry for her as she is relying on the western world to educate her husband while she hates it…
    It really is a pity that her husband couldn’t have gone to a university in Jordan, Egypt or, some other Muslim University to receive the education he desired… He had to come to the evil United States (and drag his family along) in order to get the education he needs…
    Meanwhile, his wife still pines for a free Palestine no matter how many are slaughtered in their ill fated campaign to make the Palestiniaan people a “free nation” whatever that means…
    If it means they are no longer dependent on Israel for water and power I say, good luck to you! Unfortunately, the Muslim states that surround 3/4th’s of Palestine cut off your water and power long ago…
    What to make of that?

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