The secret (yet public) lives of arab girls

Youtube is a scary scary thing. One day you are at work and someone sends you a link to a video dubbed "sexy arab girl dancing", and you realize while you are watching it that this is a group of men who brought home a prostitue who is dry-humping belly-dancing for their pleasure . You then start looking at the other videos, and you encounter the following:

Girls doing the Khaleejy buttshakes in underwear: here , here and here . Sort of revolting, or at least not my type of sexy.

A Girl who apparently never thought she had to belly dance in her life for a man, who is making her do it in underwear

A very cute girl doing a very sexy dance to "A7lah 7agah feeky", even though she looks 16.

And finally two egyptian girls who are at a "sweet party" (egyptian girls have those women who come over at least once a month and wax their entire body using freshly made caramel- hence the word sweet), and dancing their way through their hair-removal in their underwear.

And a veiled gir, in a car, who somehow decides that she is going to do the Khaeejy buttshake while being seated in the car, to very peculiar results.

Now, I am not the least surprised by this. God knows I've personally seen worse, as any place as sexually frustrated as the middle-east has to produce some seriously kinky and pervy shit. And while God knows I am all for sexual expression, I can;t help but be surprised that these girls/women agreed to being videotaped doing so, and I wonder how they must feel right now, especially the "sweet chicks". This kind of thing isn't supposed to be for public viewing, yet here they are on Youtube. Do they know about this? Do they care? Was it done with their consent or behind their backs? It would be messed up if it was done behind their backs, but what if they are the ones who uploaded it? I mean, many of them aren't secretly videotaped, so they knew that someone was going to see this and they were ok with that. Does that mean they are the ones who did this to themselves? And if not, are they to blame for it?

Either way, this website is proving day in and day out to be very important, and not because they host videos of scantly-clad chicks shaking their asses. It's because it gives a very human glimpse of people's lives from every background to the whole world to see. Chances are the only image you've ever had of arab girls is that either of walking Ninjas or 1001 nights-style belly dancing fantasies. Well, those aren't fantasies. They are real girls and real women, and we were just allowed to catch a glimpse of their private lives. Whether that is good or bad, well, that's debate-able, but one thing is certain: the walls that divide our cultures and borders are crumbling online as we speak.


  1. “but one thing is certain: the walls that divide our cultures and borders are crumbling online as we speak.”

    As Arab girls in the middle east put up nudity on youtube, Arab girls in the west put on chadors.

    Can we trade?

  2. Hell NO! YOU can keep them. we have enough of those around here!

  3. R.Elgayar says:

    Big shock, NOT. Those publicly conservative middle easterners do everything the naughty westerners do, they just do it in private. Westerners arent raised with sexual repression and a big shame complex, so these videos are nothing, same old same, women like to be sexy and dance and men love to watch. Again human nature, that Egyptian society represses and denies, but it is still there in the minds of normal healthy people. So yeah, these girls get together and dance in their underwear, done all the time by women being together acting silly and having fun. God knows they cant go out there and dance and have fun with guys like that in a public setting, because then they would be called bad girls. But surely they know when they film themselves and put it on you tube the world will see it. I dont think though that the young girls dancing realize that some in the west will view this has hypocrisy since the mideast screams of women being decent and modest and only naughty western women wear thongs and dance around half naked:))))))

  4. You’ll mainly find younger “women” (ie little girls in training bras) allowing themselves to be filmed because they simply don’t understand the possible consequences. They know they feel sexy and they’re told not to express it, so they make mistakes. They want to be recognized as sexual beings, and sadly this is the way they’re doing it.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go set up my webcam for some serious shimmying.

  5. I agree with most of what’s been said here. BUT i think that the girls who ‘uploaded the videos themselves’ are an incredibly tiny percentage compared to the ones who naively thought they were just being silly or sexy in front of a camera for the thrill of it.

    As far as i know, the fact that they have these videos on YouTube is a huge threat on their own safety should someone in the family see it or hear about it, right?

    Now assuming that there is a portion who have been naively exposed without their consent, i just wonder…why are u spreading all the links and driving more people to watch that? Lets say you discover a close friend (or even a sister) on one of these decadent videos (purely hypothetically and in no way offensive), would you still hand out the links? Just wondering…

  6. You know, having hair ripped by the root from delicate skin does not make me feel like dancing…but maybe that’s just me…

  7. anonymous says:

    I’m with Joan..those girls r shaking like no tomorrow while hair is being ripped out of their bodies…what’s up with that..have they taken muscle relaxants or are they high? I waxed once…and only once…it’s wicked pain so…what the hell…what i can’t understand is why they would videotape this…paris hilton or pam anderson can tell u that no video remains private…

  8. “..those girls r shaking like no tomorrow while hair is being ripped out of their bodies…what’s up with that..have they taken muscle relaxants or are they high? I waxed once…and only once…it’s wicked pain so…”

    “Pain is SUCH a rush!” – Rudy in “Bachelor Party”

  9. I am just wondering why is this article labeled “naughty” on toot. I can’t view these videos now because I am at work, but I think it should be labeled something along the lines “the sad or pathetic sexual reality in the ME”.

  10. Hassoun MTL says:

    Lol i remember seeing one worse than that, because there were three girls and maybe twenty boys, although i know the girls were safe from danger because i asked when i was in Dubai what happens if you touch her ass or something, they said all the boys jump you and kick you out of there after giving you a good beating.
    the comical part is taht i remember on that video one comment was left “it’s reggae!!” it made me laugh so much! lol

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