Israel is the new America

It must be. We had Africans risking death to cross the israeli borders from Egypt , and now we have Turks as well. This must be what Mexico feels like when they have people from Colombia trying to cross the US Mexican borders, except of course the Mexicans aren't interested in guarding their US borders anytime soon.

Egyptian police shot and wounded two Turkish teenagers on Monday as
they tried to sneak across the border into Israel from the Sinai
peninsula, a security source said.

The two boys, aged 14 and 16,
and their father were trying to cross from central Sinai when they were
spotted by an Egyptian border patrol.

Police ordered them to stop
and opened fire when they refused, resulting in foot injuries to both
teenagers, the source told AFP.

They were taken to hospital in the city of Rafah farther north, the source said.

The father, who was arrested, told police that he had been heading for Israel in search of work.

Here is an idea: Convert to Judaism people. Sure, it's a long and tedious process that takes more than a year and involves getting circumcised  if you are uncut or a symbolic circumcision vis a vis pricking the Penis to draw a droplet of blood in case the person is circumcised, but hey, better than getting yourself and your kids shot at. And once you get the citizenship, become a bad jew. It will all work out!


  1. hehe, not a problem for the Turks, they have the skill to cut their penis off

    ” Austrian authorities said Thursday they arrested an elderly Turkish-born man suspected of fatally shooting a younger Turkish associate and slicing off the victim’s penis in what investigators called an “honor killing.”

  2. John Cunningham says:

    Don’t underestimate Mexico’s ability to control their border. They have the southern border with Guatamala locked down, no one gets through and you are subject to being shot on sight if you try. The northern border, different story. What we’re witnessing is an ethnic cleansing. We buy all of Mexico’s oil at market price. The nationalized Mexican oil company PEMEX does not spread out the wealth. The corrupt Mexican government is run by the descendents of the Spainish settlers. They are making it financially difficult for the descendents of the Aztecs and Mayans to make a decent living in their country. We buy all their oil and have to take care of all their poor also. Mexico could easily afford to take care of their own. They’re running off their own population. Hey, Mexico, what did you do with all of the money we gave you for the oil we buy. There’s no law against buying oil, but, we get the blame for living conditions in Mexico. Any wonder why so many want a wall built along our southern border.

  3. John,

    There’s a perfectly good reason the Mexicans do not control their northern border. If those twelve million Mexicans living in the US illegally were back in Mexico, the government would have to find a way to feed them or find them jobs. That would mean no more skimming off of PEMEX.

    I think that every US politician who gives a speech about immigration should mention the fact that Mexico is a huge oil exporter but for some strange reason needs to export people to the US looking for work.

  4. Mexicans come to the US because Americans are very happy to hire them. Americans don’t respect their own immigration laws.

    Stop the hiring and the problem will go away,

  5. John Cunningham says:

    Kafir and XYlo, how correct you both are.

  6. EGY=Peter says:

    By Golly Moe, you finally got it right about just entering Israel to be a bad Jew, thats what 99% of Israel is. Although there really is no conversion to Judaism, you will enter as a second class convert slave to serve the so called chosen 5 centuries ago [before Christ came along] Jews.

    But ya it makes sense, hey you are getting a sense of humor after all man. Maybe all that [disgruntlement at Egypt and] Jewish ass kissing is having a subtle affect on you after all.

  7. That’s funny; Egyptians shoot people for trying to leave.

  8. BrooklynJon says:


    With all due respect, we don’t need you to tell us who is a good Jew and who is a bad Jew. We’ll let G-d make that call. Thank you very much.

    And there IS conversion to Judaism, but its frowned upon. In Jewish theology, there is nothing wrong with people having other religions, so long as the other religion encourages people to do good, and brings them closer to G-d. So it’s pretty much pointless to convert in. You ust have to keep doing what you’re doing. Nevertheless, sincere converts can convert if they want.

    I really don’t mind you hating me so much, but it would be nice if you actually bothered to know what you’re talking about. Stick to the facts, avoid hyperbole, and just hate in a calm and sober manner.

  9. Like there is no work in Turkey? I don’t think he and his sons would be making the big bucks in Israel anyways.