McDonalds wishes you a happy Eid


  1. Is this a real Ad or just a fake one?

  2. But this time, it is totally idiot.
    You know, it looks like someone praying, and for sure people will attack them and accuse them of mocking Islam

  3. Perhaps they’re trying to say: if you eat mcdonalds during ramadan, god will turn your fingers into french fries.

  4. WAR ON CHRISTMAS, WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!! Everyone knows that multinational corporations should only offer Christmas/Easter greetings. An ecumenical “Happy Holidays” is bad enough, but offering an explicit non-Christian well-wishing is clearly designed to destroy the One True Faith. Someone call Fox News!

    P.S.- Great to see you back blogging, Sammy.

  5. Hassoun MTL says:

    Wow… I’m saddened, really.
    SM, what do you know about this ad? Was this advertisement actually put up all over Arabia?

  6. Welcome to the dark side. I can’t wait to see the clown in prostration prayer. I wonder what festive colors will make up his prayer mat.

  7. To be honest, I find this quite funny…! Come on, this is great humor and if it’s gonna start another wave of religious riots across the muslim countries you KNOW they’ve hit it on the nail!!! :o D

    And I absolutely hate Mac…!

  8. anonymous says:

    stupid but kinda funny…anything 2 sell french fries…

  9. goodjob!