The New Face of Egypt

Is former Mrs. India and Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley. Oh yes. A Half Indian, Half Afghani will now be the official new face of Egypt. Imagine that!

“Acting is my passion,
my first love, whatever else I am doing are perks that I enjoy,” said the
actress who is just back from Egypt. Celina has been signed on as the Face of
Egypt and will act as a brand ambassadress for the Land of Pharoahs.


The actress is
keen that Bollywood starts making films in Egypt and has got necessary
permission from the Egyptian government for this.

“Egypt is fascinating
and has a rich and great historical and cultural heritage, much like India.
Bollywood should come and shoot here,” said the actress of Afghani-Indian
blood who looks like she’s from the Middle East and who zapped the
Egyptian tourism ministry with her knowledge of their culture, literature and
traditions to get the honour.

Ok, all of this is nice and well and all, but an Indian as the new face of Egypt? What? We don't have any beautiful women left in Egypt, that even the face of Egypt has to be outsourced from India? INDIA???? How the fuck did the Ministry of Tourism approve this? She is not even half Egyptian. And since when do we have Brand Ambassadors? Egypt is a Brand now? Then who the hell is the Brand Manager? We need to talk to this guy, he is fucking up big time!

I mean, fine, she is hot. But who says we don't have hot women in this country who may be willing to take on the role? Did the Ministry issue an open call for a "New face of Egypt" and I didn't hear about it? Wouldn't being an Egyptian be, like, a perquisite to being the face of Egypt? Am I missing something?

This is Bullshit! 


  1. What a slap in the face to Egyptian women to have to have get someone from India to represent the country. She doesnt even look Indian either,at least not like any that I know of. The truth is both India and Egypt want European looking white girls to represent them in the media. “The Ministry Of Tourism” another retarded institution in Egypt.

  2. hahahahaha
    i hit for Roby to be the face of EGYPT
    ” mesheet wara e7saaasyy … ( while ass shaking :D ) “

  3. John Cunningham says:

    Because of extremists I wonder if they thought if they used someone from Egypt her family might be in danger for daring to not make her wear a berka.

  4. What?

    That chic is not even that hot! I know Egyptian chics in Chicago that smoke that broad!

    And she ain’t even Egyptian too?!

  5. “We don’t have any beautiful women left in Egypt, that even the face of Egypt has to be outsourced from India? ”

    After watching the weird belly dancing videos you posted yesterday, I’m half willing to believe that statement…

  6. ma5adoneeeeeeesh leeeeeeh msh fahma!

  7. Hey, it makes no more sense than an Indian playing an Iraqi on Lost. Actually, Indians play Arabs in about 90% of Hollywood’s movies. In fact, when they make a day time movie about my life on the Oxygen channel, my role is going to be played by an Indian. At least if she’s hot, I won’t feel so bad. (Note to friends: If I EVER have anything to do with the Oxygen channel, just shoot me.)

  8. If I get a vote: she should be the New Legs of Egypt too.

  9. This would be fine in a nation like the US, which is entirely comprised of immigrants and has no native ethnicity or culture, but it’s beyond retarded for a “home country” to do this. Especially a nation like Egypt, which, along with hot native girls, is one of the Great Civilizations of history and has the most fascinating culture I can think of. Plus, she seems more concerned with promoting the Bollywood shit machine than promoting Egypt.

  10. Oh come on! Your government is just trying to save a couple of dollars here and there man! Its called outsourcing!

    This half india chick is probably cheaper then a egypt chick.

  11. She’ll look just dandy in a burqa!

  12. [[But who says we don't have hot women in this country who may be willing to take on the role? ]]

    sorry, this is no bullshet at all, we have indeed a beauty-crisis, and our beauty satndards are waaaaaay low (genetic, social & style)

    if you have any candidate for (HOT FACE FOR EGYPT) pls let me know!!!!

  13. Outrageous …. why don’t THEY ever talk to anyone before taking such embarassing decisions? – Now I suddenly remembered our Big Zero!!! The trash pyramid .. the sloppy campaign … the boy who says good morning is six languages …. darn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. This is so stupid… if they couldn’t find an Egyptian girl, they should have just cancelled the whole thing
    plus, how could SHE accept?
    isn’t it gonna be on her “list of things she did”
    Face of Egypt?????

  15. Having been to Egypt five times I agree with your evaluation of Egyptian women. However, look on the bright side; you’ll be attracting Bollywood types to Egypt, they’ll spend money, tourism revenues will go up, and more Indian restaurants will open in Cairo. :)

  16. What ever. She is indeed a very beautiful young woman. Maybe she should emigrate to the USA or Canada or Australia or New Zealand. We’re all offspring of the British Empire and we all appreciate a beautiful woman (or good looking man, for that matter) no matter where he or she is from. Do you think a beautiful, sultry, sexy woman like that from Egypt would be able to strut her stuff (legs, for example)like that in Egypt where women can’t even gather in a big crowd at night without being groped and abused by police? Maybe it’s a case of any sexy dame will do for me and my pals, but keep my daughter/sister locked up.

  17. I wish SM replies to the nonsense of Louise and tell her how women dress in Egypt and if they show their legs or not?

  18. john cunningham is an ignorant idiot. and have the rest of you never watched egyptian tv???

  19. anonymous says:

    I find it funny that John C. comments on all of these Egyptian issues when he’s probably never been to Egypt…Have u seen those girls on youtube dancing while getting waxed…they let themselves be videotaped..they r Egyptian..wake up people..there r slutty clothes in the shops in Egypt just like everywhere else..and more lingerie shops with skanky ho underwear than here in the USA..hell they hang the skimpy c-thru nighties on the sides of the wall of Sayidda Zeinab joke…

    Lotsa girls bare skin there…and just turn on a tv..almost all of the actresses are showing cleavage, wearing tight clothes, gallons of makeup…and on and on…burqas are in Afghanistan….wake up people..get on a plane John and go to Egypt..hell visit the monkey..who actually has a point..they could have even hired the runner up of the Miss Egypt contest…lotsa women in Egypt would have worn skimpy clothes 4 cash…P. soon they will have the Chinese selling ur country as…

  20. I’m thinking on the Afghan side, there is probably a little Russian with those fair eyes.

  21. Or maybe on the Indian side, they is a Brit in the mix. If you guys do not think this woman is attractive, you must be gay.

  22. BrooklynJon says:

    Oy! People, a smokin’ chick is a smokin’ chick! The rest is commentary.

  23. Some Afghan’s are fair with light eyes and hair.

  24. John Cunningham says:

    I feel so important, people responding personally to me. Now I know what it’s like to be a star.

  25. women in egypt dont wear burquas!!!! so what are you guys talking about??? and yes there are plenty of beautiful women in egypt!!!! even ones with blond hair and blue eyes!!! just go to alexandria or mansoura!!! you’ll see lots of them there… i personally know severa l! so if fair skin is what they are looking for, they will find it! besides, that indian chic may be hot, but she is not fair skinned!!! and doesnt look caucasian to me… she looks like a light version of indian….. definitly not egyptian though… if they want egyptian… they can definitly find, darker girls, or fair skinned girls…. what ever they need… they should have advertised!!! then people would have reponded!!! but their problem is that it was all hush hush…. i guess they are afraid of criticism from closed minded media!

  26. 3al 2a2al el bent shaklaha mesh batal.

  27. RocketRay says:

    That chic is not even that hot! I know Egyptian chics in Chicago that smoke that broad!

    Yes, her knees are much too sharp.

  28. Look, Egyptian women are hot. No question.

    But I’m with setnahkt (comment 15). We do need some good, affordable Indian restaurants in town. I’m going through some serious withdrawal.

  29. Oh my God. Its unbelievable, it just keeps getting worse with that Government. If they wanted a beautiful face to represent The land they should at least get it elsewere, but still an egyptian. In europe we are alot of egyptian girls and believe me alot of us here is just as good.

    An Indian girl with almost no clothes on is not a good image to sent out. I think it is rubish to be making her the face of Egypt. Absolutely absurd.

    Anyway, hope the members of the Government soon will be removed, they are shit as well..

  30. Siddharth says:

    She’s at best, a B- grade actress and bollywood is definitely not going to miss her!

    Now if we could have an exchange offer wherein we get Miss Egypt… heh heh heh/Im sure Bollywood would have no problems whatsoever.