And I am up in the air, so Baby Hell yeah *..

*Jason Mraz rocks, and for those who disagree, y'all can bite me! 

Will be in DC this weekend. If you wanna meet up, e-mail me @


  1. Jason Mraz Kicks all kinds of ass

    he’s even better live


  2. if you stop in new york, let me know

  3. come back safely comrad Monkey :D

  4. You seem to be able to come and go at will. Do you have dual citizenship?

  5. Dude, check your email!!!!!!

  6. Sandmonkey I can’t send you an email but I and a friend would like to hangout if you have time on Sat. or Sun. in DC or NOVA- if you can, respond to me vis my email- Cheers

  7. Wot, No internet connection in DC?

  8. deesee? yikhrib 3a2lak, def not a fan.

  9. come back!! people are missing you xx

  10. Got your two messages. Call again as your cell number is not working for some reason :)

  11. John Cunningham says:

    OK, weekend’s been up. You could at least post something to let us know you’re still alive. You didn’t get snookered into meeting some nut job in DC, did you?