What she said

Me: roba

Me: i have a new problem

Me: i no longer have a jewish fetish

Me: i have developed a Palestinian fetish

Me: I need to get out of the middle-east before I develop a Libyan one

Roba: hehehe

Roba: thats funny

Roba: a palestinian fetish doesnt sound too bad

Roba: but please do stay away from libyans..


  1. lol, that makes me sound racist :P

  2. So what brought on the palestinian fetish?

  3. Best advice EVER! racist or not, and I am talking from experience.

  4. Do you mean you have a thing for a Pali girl or the cause? Or do you like to dress up in a “Kaffiyeh” while you show some Egyptian girl your own private Sphinx? ;)

  5. Sandmonkey, let the jews and the palestinians fuck each other and let the libyans fuck themselves and do yourself a favour and find another fetish.

  6. brooklynjon says:


    Although I would not put it exactly the way you did, I think that the Israeli-Palestinian situation only has a chance of getting solved if everyone who isn’t there leaves them both alone, me included. I can’t be sure that it would get solved that way, but I am sure that it won’t get solved with the world butting in all the time.


  7. lost the jewish fetish..

    is that because some people came knocking at your door

  8. Well Sam, you know what Mansour said was much too naughty for a nice, proper girl like me to say; but I’m not too proper to acknowledge it was quite clever.

  9. Clever and much too naughty?… I’ll take that as a compliment.

  10. right now the pali seem to be fucking themseleves pretty good with out my help.