Israel is the new America

It must be. We had Africans risking death to cross the israeli borders from Egypt , and now we have Turks as well. This must be what Mexico feels like when they have people from Colombia trying to cross the US Mexican borders, except of course the Mexicans aren't interested in guarding their US borders anytime soon.

Egyptian police shot and wounded two Turkish teenagers on Monday as
they tried to sneak across the border into Israel from the Sinai
peninsula, a security source said.

The two boys, aged 14 and 16,
and their father were trying to cross from central Sinai when they were
spotted by an Egyptian border patrol.

Police ordered them to stop
and opened fire when they refused, resulting in foot injuries to both
teenagers, the source told AFP.

They were taken to hospital in the city of Rafah farther north, the source said.

The father, who was arrested, told police that he had been heading for Israel in search of work.

Here is an idea: Convert to Judaism people. Sure, it's a long and tedious process that takes more than a year and involves getting circumcised  if you are uncut or a symbolic circumcision vis a vis pricking the Penis to draw a droplet of blood in case the person is circumcised, but hey, better than getting yourself and your kids shot at. And once you get the citizenship, become a bad jew. It will all work out!

Sex with Robots?

It's gonna be possible in 5 years. In 10 years there will be human-robot marriage activists. Some people think Massechusetts will be the first to legalize it, but my money is on California. Silicon Valley, baby!

Breaking news: Sudanese shot while crossing border to Israel

The egyptian authorities opened fire at a group of african refugees who were trying to cross the border to Israel. 6 managed to cross the border, one sudanese man was killed and 4 eritreans were arrested by the Egyptian authorities.

The secret (yet public) lives of arab girls

Youtube is a scary scary thing. One day you are at work and someone sends you a link to a video dubbed "sexy arab girl dancing", and you realize while you are watching it that this is a group of men who brought home a prostitue who is dry-humping belly-dancing for their pleasure . You then start looking at the other videos, and you encounter the following:

Girls doing the Khaleejy buttshakes in underwear: here , here and here . Sort of revolting, or at least not my type of sexy.

A Girl who apparently never thought she had to belly dance in her life for a man, who is making her do it in underwear

A very cute girl doing a very sexy dance to "A7lah 7agah feeky", even though she looks 16.

And finally two egyptian girls who are at a "sweet party" (egyptian girls have those women who come over at least once a month and wax their entire body using freshly made caramel- hence the word sweet), and dancing their way through their hair-removal in their underwear.

And a veiled gir, in a car, who somehow decides that she is going to do the Khaeejy buttshake while being seated in the car, to very peculiar results.

Now, I am not the least surprised by this. God knows I've personally seen worse, as any place as sexually frustrated as the middle-east has to produce some seriously kinky and pervy shit. And while God knows I am all for sexual expression, I can;t help but be surprised that these girls/women agreed to being videotaped doing so, and I wonder how they must feel right now, especially the "sweet chicks". This kind of thing isn't supposed to be for public viewing, yet here they are on Youtube. Do they know about this? Do they care? Was it done with their consent or behind their backs? It would be messed up if it was done behind their backs, but what if they are the ones who uploaded it? I mean, many of them aren't secretly videotaped, so they knew that someone was going to see this and they were ok with that. Does that mean they are the ones who did this to themselves? And if not, are they to blame for it?

Either way, this website is proving day in and day out to be very important, and not because they host videos of scantly-clad chicks shaking their asses. It's because it gives a very human glimpse of people's lives from every background to the whole world to see. Chances are the only image you've ever had of arab girls is that either of walking Ninjas or 1001 nights-style belly dancing fantasies. Well, those aren't fantasies. They are real girls and real women, and we were just allowed to catch a glimpse of their private lives. Whether that is good or bad, well, that's debate-able, but one thing is certain: the walls that divide our cultures and borders are crumbling online as we speak.

Blair attacks Brown

Turn-around is fairplay, and pudgy boy Brown had it coming for a while now!

The Melody TV ADS

Just in case you happened to miss this: 

All En-ga-lish, all za Tayem, all at once!

One Voice vs. The ISM

One Voice is another misguided Grass roots efforts led by people that think that the israeli palestinian conflict is one that people are interested in solving and that could be confronted if we all were united and demanded peace. This, of course, is horse poop, because this conflict has many people who have seriously vested interests in never ending it, starting from the palestinian and israeli leaderships (Yes, that includes Fatah, Hamas, Kadima, Likus and Labour), passing by the international Jihdy groups who use it as a fantastic recruitment tool for late-teens/ early-twenties kids who have nuttin better to do than hope to die for a cause  and arab governments that would collapse if no enemy such as israel existed, and ending with so called Humanitarian organizations who would lose both purpose and funding if the conflict was ever resolved. The latter is usually comprised of idiotic Hippies from western countries who want some sort of validation for their  socialist leftists beliefs so they go to Gaza and the westbank, buy and wear Koufeyas, take pictures with smiling palestinian children to be placed on facebook later, start rowdy demonstrations and attack IDF soldiers who respond in kind, and return home with "you don't know what it was like; I was there man. The Zionazis threw teargas canisters at me and shit" stories that validate them as experts on the palestinian-israeli conflict in front of their tofu-eating-Che-Guevara-Idolizing compatriots, and leave the Palestinians to face the aftermath of their actions.  

The International Solidarity movement is such an organization, and it chose to start a fight with the One Voice people, because they didn't take an anti-Israeli position, prompting instead fo demand peace and support for a two state solution. The One Voice people were going to Organize concerts, and of course the ISM started pointing at them and screaming "Zionist agents who want the palestinian sell away their rights and cause", which lead some crazy freaks from their compatriots to send death threats to arabic singrs who were supposed to perform and got the whole thing cancelled. The ISM people, adding insult to injury, decided to have their own concert on that samee day, which singers of course were not threatened at all. 

Funny how that works out.

Global Voices Lebanon Coverage


Lebanon: Dark Days ahead of Presidential elections

Lebanon: Headed on a spiralling Path

Lebanon: We are sinking.

Someone is optimistic! 

News you won’t pay attention to


The civilian death toll in Iraq
fell to its lowest level in recent memory Saturday, with only four
people killed or found dead nationwide, according to reports from
police, morgue officials and credible witnesses.


The daily number of civilians killed, not including those on days
when there were massive casualties from car bombs, had climbed above
100 at the end of last year and the beginning of 2007.

Saturday's decline in deaths was in line with a sharp drop in September of both Iraqi civilian and U.S. military fatalities.

Too early to tell. Could be Ramadan affecting things, but goddamn if this isn;t an encouraging sign! 

The Hezbollah Israeli hostages are in Iran?

The two Israeli soldiers who were kidnaped by Hezbollah, Ehud Goldwasser, 31, and Eldad Regev, 26, are now reportedly in Iran . Hezbollah, Iranian stooges? NOOOOOOOOOOO.

Two Israeli soldiers captured by Lebanon's Shiite movement Hezbollah in 2006 have been handed to Iran and could be freed in a German-brokered swap, an Arabic newspaper reported on Sunday.


The source claimed that the soldiers could be part of an exchange involving Germany, which decided last week to free an Iranian agent jailed for life for the 1992 murder of four Kurdish dissidents.

"The content of the deal is being kept under tight secrecy this time, as it is related to the fate of the two Israeli soldiers," he was quoted as saying.

An entire country destroyed in a war over two hostages who won't even be used to free lebanese hostages in Israel but rather to get an Iranian spy out. Fantastic! Those Hezbollah boys sure are patriotic Lebanese. Yes sir, they sure are!

A prayer answerd

Ben Affleck said that he has found his true calling in directing movies , and he even said that the central preoccupation in his life right now is finding his next movie to direct. This could mean that we might never have to see Ben Affleck in movies ever again.


Now let's hope Colin Ferrell follows suit. 

Al-Arish Burning

 The Videos of Al-Arish's incidents are here and here. Enjoy!

The Ibn Khaldoun meltdown

Saad El Deen Ibrahim is finally admitting that he is on a self-imposed exile outside of Egypt, fearing his arrest by the authorities. Good. I just hoped that he would've informed the Press that the American Ambassador is the one that relayed the message to him from the egyptian authorities and urged him not to come back. But I guess he didn't want to make a big stink about the fact that the egyptian authorities treat him like an american stooge to the point of using the US ambassador- whom I can't believe agreed to this role- to inform him that they wanted him out. No Point in raising a stink. The man, after all, spent too much time in jail for his views as it is. The Problem lies in the fact that while he is abroad, his life-work is getting destroyed back here. The Ibn Khaldoun center is slowly falling apart.

Back in early 2006 I approached Dr. Ibrahim for advice on starting my own Think Thank, and the one thing he warned me against was having a one-man show there. It was right after Al Ghad Party started to fall apart with Ayman Nour going to Jail, and with the Power struggle that took place in Al Wafd Party because Nooman Gomaa wouldn't give up his seat as the party head. Dr. Ibrahim lamented to me that the problem in Egyptian leadership is that the person on top, once they arrive there, they never want to give up control or pave the way for someone to carry on their work, out of fear that those same people remove and replace them. And now we are seeing the same thing happen in  the center of Ibn Khaldoun, Dr. Ibrahim's NGO.

Dr. Ibrahim had a manager for the Center and her name was Ayyat. Ayyat , while not overly competent, knew the NGO in and out and all the contacts, and is effectively the operational manager of the center. Right after Dr. Ibrahim fled the country, the government-sponsored attack dogs newspapers showed bathing suits pictures of Ayyat and made some seriously messed up insinuations about her, which eventually led her to resign from Ibn Khaldoun. With Saad and Ayyat gone, there was no one to take charge (no institutional hierarchy to speak of exists over there), so now Dr. Ibrahim's brother is the one running the place, and doing so firmly into the ground. The man doesn't know the first thing about running an NGO, nor does he understand any of the projects there, so now the interns are the ones who are making all the decisions inside. Add to that the fact that aid for NGO's in Egypt is now simply eroding, because Egypt is now becoming a low-income country instead of a less-developed country, is not making things any easier. The Europeans have already cut most of their funding, and the USAID, I am informed, will be systematically reduced over the next 10 years until it becomes inconsequential to the overall picture. Democracy building in the middle east, after all, is no longer a priority or in fashion. The international left finally got his wish there. Good Job guys. How about a shot for every imperialistic agent of an NGO that closes its door in the next few years due to lack of funding? I am buying!

This is sad because in the world of civil society, the name Ibn Khaldoun carries with it a lot of weight, and soon it will be destroyed. No leadership, no organization and soon no funding, it won't be long till it closes down, unless the man comes back and puts his house in order. That, unfortunately, due to his belief that he would be imprisoned and killed while in prison, doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. Ibn Khaldoun may not be dead yet, but it might be wise to get out and start washing your funeral cloths. Shouldn't be long now.

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

 The Bearmanpig strikes again!

They are just giving those away now, huh?

The Muslim Brotherhood Political Platform

But they are moderate, they say. We should talk to them, they say. They will stand up for the rights of all egyptians, they say:

The program calls for the formation of a commission of senior
religious scholars, chosen in national elections, to advise parliament
and the president, according to a copy of the program obtained by The
Associated Press.

The commission's position on government and parliament decisions
would be the "recommended one," suggesting it could veto those
decisions. The platform says parliament could overrule the board but
not in issues governed by "proven texts" of Islamic Sharia law, a vague phrase which could be a wide range of issues.

The body recalls the system in Iran, where clerical councils have
final say on a wide range of political issues and can even vet
candidates running for president and parliament.


He said the Brotherhood could make changes in the draft before it
publishes its final version. He did not say when the final text would
be announced.

The program also bars women and Christians from holding the post of
president — Christians because the presidency and the prime minister's
post have Islamic religious duties so "non-Muslims are excused from
holding this mission," it said.

The president cannot be a woman because the post's religious and
military duties "contradict with her nature, social and other
humanitarian roles," the document said.

Yes. Cause women can not be warriors. And what kind of islamic religious duty does the Presidency come with exactly? Does that mean that muslims in non-muslim countries should not vote for President or Prime Minister unless they are muslim? Or are we only for pluralism as long as we are a minority, and once we are a majority we tell the other religions and groups to fuck off?

The MB is fucked up. Always has been, and always will be. The sooner people get this in their heads- Scoialist Revolutionaries, I am talking to you- the better off we will all be. 

72 year old to father his own grandchild

Your Jerry Springer moment of the day!

That Eid dilemma


Cairofreeze captures the insanity perfectly!

Britney Spears is seriously desperate

No longer a virgin, no longer a novelty, no longer the pop princess who can't sing, but who is so hot we all ignored it. She is now the divorced mother of two who is going through the worst public meltdown since Lindsey Lohan's face started gracing magazine covers. So she resorts to the one thing she can do really well: Strip. In an attempt to be shocking and daring, Brit decides that what she needs to do is to embrace her white-trash public image some more, and film a music video where she strips with a pole and shows off her naked breasts for all to see. Newsflash babe: they are not nearly enough to resurrect your career. Plus, aren't you still breastfeeding? What the hell is wrong with you?

Take a vacation sweetie. Please!

What’s sexism in Korean again?

A South Korean female soldier, who got discharged after she had a double mastectomy to treat breast cancer on the grounds that the law prohibits soldiers who are missing body parts from serving, got reinstated by court order. The Ministery of Defense is planning an appeal, because, you know, what's the point of having women in the army if they don't have boobs?

A Goonies Sequel?