Karim Amer is getting tortured in Prison

Abdel Karim Soliman, famously now known as Karim Amer, who got jailed for "disdain for religion" and "insulting the president" on his blog, is reportedly getting tortured by the Prison authorities.

Karim who is an Egyptian
blogger sentenced to prison for 4 years for 'vilifying religions' and
defaming the president was tortured & that was ordered and
supervised by an investigation officer in Borg Alarab prison. Karim was
also ordered into a solitary cell where he was assaulted again and had
one of his teeth broken; this assault's date came to mark one year
since Karim was sent to jail.

Karim reported his being tortured in prison to his lawyers in
the Arabic Network and Hisham Mubarak Center, the torture came at the
hand of another prisoner and a prison guard, ordered by Midhat Samir
one of the prison's investigations officers. This came to pass after
Karim has uncovered some corruption act in the prison. Karim was
punished and tortured severely which resulted in several injuries in
addition to a broken tooth. He was deprived from officially reporting
the incident against the accused officer as well as denying him the
right to document these injuries in a medical report.
The Arabic Network for Human Rights information and Hisham Mubarak
Centre for Law mentioned in their communiqué to the Prosecutor-General
that the assault on Karim is manifested in the following:

  • Being beaten inside
    ward Number 22 where he is imprisoned at the time of the assault, the
    battery was launched by another prisoner and a prison guard, in the
    presence of Officer Midhat Samir and under his supervision. Samir also
    gave the green light for the assault which resulted in a broken tooth
    "upper right canine tooth" along with a number of bruises and abrasions
    on various parts of the body.
  • Transferring Karim to a disciplinary cell where he was
    handcuffed and had his feet strapped into shackles; he was beaten up
    again which caused him more injuries.
  • Another inmate prisoner was brought over where they stripped
    him out of clothes and beat him severely in front of prisoner Kareem
    Soliman as they also threatened to inflict upon him the same
    punishment, if he didn't mind his own business.

I wish I could say I am surprised by this, but I have heard and seen so much of this, that, as horribly as that sounds, it kind of becomes expected. We are ruled and governed by Monsters who have no respect for our human rights or dignity. They just waited until his story wasn't that "Hot" anymore and went ahead with it. In this country, with the exception of those of us who believe in human rights, who is gonna defend him? A guy who insulted the prophet getting tortured? The public response is gonna be : "Good. That's exactly the kind of person who should be tortured! Make an example out of him." God knows that the day of his sentencing, and I was there for the majority of the trial, the public outside were debating how he should be killed. Some were like, "he should be hanged", others were like, "No, we need to go islamic on this. Behead him.", while others demanded that people have some common sense and instead of being all barbaric with the beheading, they should "just stab him". And that's the average egyptian on the street. Imagine the people in prison's reaction. And then ask yourself: would the sadistic bastards who run our prison system think twice about torturing this guy? They might've during the trial, when the spotlight was on him. But now? Forget about it. He is fairgame, and his jailers know it.

And the most telling part of all..

It is to mention that Karim since he was imprisoned is subjected to a
systemic discriminatory practice and maltreatment in Borg Alarb prison
on the hands of the prison's officers. He mentioned to his lawyer that
the maltreatment was always coupled with this phrase "This is until you
do change your mind"!! 

That's the message they are sending to all of us by this. Received and decoded guys. Thanks, you sick sadistic animals.


  1. What a wicked world we live in.

    If the Sandmonkey ever needs a safe house in Texas….

  2. Same thought here. Your are incredibly brave. I just hope that you have already worked out a retreat line if ever you should need one. I am not sure my home would qualify as “safe house” but it be an honor to have you.

  3. Oooooooo, surprise of the century! Bastards!


  4. The situation is with out question awful, but the question is what can we do about it?

    All I can think of is to write to Karim Amer. This sounds pointless since any mail sent to Amer will be intercepted by the prison staff, but that is the point of the exercise. People who engage in torture really do not like having the publics attention focused on them or their victims.

    Every letter sent to Karim is proof to the prison administration that he is not forgotten by the rest of the world. We might even go the next step and write directly to the warden asking, nicely, that Karim be treated in accordance with international standards. Once again the point of this being to let those directly responsible know that they are being watched.

    I am not so sure about writing to friends and family of Amer since this may bring them to the attention of the authorities.

    So the final question is how to address a letter intended for Amer and what is the name, title, and address of the prison warden?

  5. I sent an email to the egyptian embassy address listed by instapundit and it came back as undeliverable. They know the heat is on and are artfully dodging it. Does anyone know of another way to communicate with them?

  6. Roman Kalik says:

    Expected, sadly. Mail to the Egyptian embassy may help, if an organized campaign is held, but otherwise it may even cause harm…

    Too much attention and Egyptian authorities may try to save the international image. Too little, and it may just annoy the wrong person.

  7. Roman

    My impression is that we live in the same city or at least in the same region. I would like to meet you if it is agreeable to you. You can reach me via my blog if you feel like it.


  8. Roman Kalik says:

    Ruth, please email me at romankalik AT gmail DOT com.

  9. The Arab world is infested with every nuance of human torture. Even the Gulf countries are notorious for their extremely sheikh-tyrannic rule, even though they publicly celebrate democratic ideals as they side with America’s cultural rape of Arabism and redefinition of Islam.

    Thus, it’s no surprise that Egypt’s Mubarak is just another Arab puppet to the U.S. with most of the other Arab leaders out there.

    Thank you.

  10. Canadienne Errante says:

    Sandmonkey, glad to see you posting again.

  11. does amnesty know?

  12. kaleidoscope-

    Mubarak is no puppet, he is bribed to keep him on side. Egypt receives the 2nd highest amount of aid money after ISrael from the US. He pockets it while the country drowns in poverty and illiteracy

  13. we’re talking billions of US dollars here not even millions

  14. anna,

    Did you ever wonder why Israel with it’s very small population gets more than the 70 million Egyptians?

    As for the torture part we are setting such a great example of torture in the US so why would we judge other countries torturing it’s citizens?

    Maybe God spoke to W about that too :)

  15. Oh and what does the Israeli sluts of America do with the money they get from America anna? they torture too you know so I don’t understand why are you so concerned about some countries and not others?

  16. looks at twosret and scratches head….

    What America gives to other countries does not really involve me or bother me. They wish to donate to a miniscule state with 4 people, it’s their perrogative.

    As for the torture, come off it please. The US and Egypt are not on the same scale even. The US at least recognises human rights law and upholds it for the most part. Egypt does not recognise it and seeks to fight it at every stage. Sure human right violations occur in every country- but in Egypt they are sanctioned and glorified and go unpunished. The key is not just the rate of human right violations but also how they are dealt with or not as the case maybe.

    As for your last question, I am again quite confused as I didn’t think that or write anything to suggest that.

  17. I have a feeling that people in the Islamic world have forgotten the word “do unto others as you would others do unto you”, or even the injunction to “love thy neighbor as thyself”.

    These old ideas are still alive in the West, although their influence seems to be waning here too.

    Greetings from european drage lun.

  18. those are exclusively christian principles

  19. greenmamba says:

    Twosret: “what does the Israeli sluts of America do with the money they get from America anna? they torture too you know”

    Maybe, maybe not. They do NOT torture one for writing in a blog.
    (As Egypt gets less money, do they do cheaper torture?) Also, in answer to your earlier question, Israel gets money for its military because of the general threat from the much larger Arab League. Egypt gets money for …. keeping the peace deal it made with Israel. It violates the deal anyway.

  20. that’s the average egyptian on the street.


    There won’t be much progress until a critical mass of Egyptians change their hearts and minds.

    Twosret: “what does the Israeli sluts of America do with the money they get from America

    Well, Tworest, to do seem to be investing in their economy and their people. They have a respectable scientific and research sector, the population is literate, etc … in short, they’ve maintained a first world rate of development. That’s a hell of a lot more than the Eyptian or Palestinian goverments have done with their aid money.

  21. Anna

    america recognises human rights? have you ever heard of guantanamo? or the cia coups in central america where people were killed/raped by the millions? or any of the other crimes comitted by the US since WW2?

    as for egypt, it has nothing to do with being an arabic country. it has to do with the fact that there are corrupt people in power, whom the united states has put there, and keeps there, suppressing the population, as they have done in countless other countries, and paying them to torture, which is why the arab world has turned to religion in the first place.

    if only the american public woke up, so much could change.