The Pope backs Hillary for Prez

Well, he did it not to be outdone with Robertson's endorsement of Guilliani. Just kidding. Didn't really happen. It's scrappleface. But really, would you be surprised?


  1. John Cunningham says:

    Would I be surprised? Not really, the world being as it is. My first reaction when I saw the headline was, “hmmm, that’s interesting”. I was glad to see who Shirley was going to endorse.

  2. christina/ohio says:

    I’d be very surprised! Espcially after the American Bishop’s council told American Catholic’s to remain true to the church’s teachings when voting. Don’t foget Catholic’s are very pro life which is the opposite of Democratic values.

  3. I’d like to hear the Pope doesn’t endorse Hillary – that would be good for a laugh.