Wasim Wahab wants to pay for a Condi plastic surgery

He truly is Lebanese, huh?


  1. That is money WELL SPENT!

  2. Anonymous Leb says:

    fyi his name is wi’am not wasim

  3. Well that was a mature press conference. I fully expected him to put his thumbs in his ears, twiddle his fingers, stick out his tongue and say “nah, nah, nah, naah, naaaaah”.

  4. I’d advise him to spend his ‘hard earned’ money in a more ‘effective’ way… He might want to start by fixing a few pipes and junctions inside his rotten brain.. but hey, who am I to judge his wisdom.

    Shame we share the same nationality Wi’am!

  5. Another Anonymous says:

    At no. 2

    Don’t fret, MEMRI TV has biased peace of shit translators anyways.

    But the clip is precious. I loved the part about Condi and the ambassador.