I want to believe…

…that Obama can beat Hillary. I really would like to. And He is pulling ahead in the Iowa poll, and he is making gains in the national poll, but, ehh, I remember the Dean/ Kerry campaign in 2004 and my cynicism won't allow me to believe that when Push comes to shove the people won't just vote for the machine's candidate and vote Hillary in anyway. Just like they did with Kerry.

Obama better not do any Yeah's until the primary season is over. 


  1. Heh, I always figured you for a Rudy guy.

    Way wrong, way way wrong.

  2. I think you would like Ron Paul better. He is a Republican, but he is not afraid to speak the truth about U.S. foreign policy.

  3. If Obama wins the nomination the Republicans will squash him, he just does not have the experience.

  4. Well Oprah is supporting him, maybe he will win on that, BUT the thing is what if he does win, he is a Chicago politiician, famous for well not doing much.

    If he does win he better have big cojones and use them because he will be looked at very hard ,

    Bulshit walks and he better not have bullshit

  5. Ron Paul is your man Sandmonkey:


    He will stop giving aid to Israel…and Egypt. He is calling for the US to completely withdraw its troops from around the world. I suggest you read this article:


    I am an Egyptian American and I live in Obama’s neighborhood. He’s a nice guy but I am behind Ron Paul all the way. He’s the only one fit to be our next president.

    I hope you will learn more about Ron Paul and talk about him on your blog because there are a lot of people who read it who might vote for him if you promote him.