Are they serious???


  1. No.

  2. This whole summit is a joke. Abbas, Olmert and bush have no political capital and little credibility at home. This thing is too hyped.

  3. Nothing will come of this.

    Any peace agreement will be ended by the Palestinians launching rockets ten minutes after the ink has dried on the paper.

  4. pali are rioting against peace in hevron does sort of prove that
    annapolis in hebrew means koolaid drinker.

  5. The Pali jihadists are not serious, Bro!

  6. Having read the entire issue, I think that they ARE being serious.


  7. A good joke indeed!

  8. Make what happen?

  9. Just kidding.

    Gaza is looking great so I don’t see anything but smooth sailing on the roadmap to peace.

    Oops. Did it again.

  10. Why is there no period after “Mr”? Bad English just blows, doesn’t it?