Sandmonkey Wisdom: 27/11/2007

Girls who tell you repeatedly that they can handle their liqueur and can drink you under the table are usually big fat Liars. So unless you wanna spend your evening cleaning puke, keep the Whiskey and Absinthe away from them, and keep them drinking fruity ass shit like Malibu or something. The girls who really can handle their Liqueur don't brag about it, they just keep their mouths shut until they DO drink you under the table. They are like the worst of farts: Silent, but deadly!


  1. FARTS???!?!? LOLLLL!!!!

  2. Only you Monkey what put it so eloquently!

  3. christina/ohio says:

    hehehe Did one of these girls embarass the moneky?

  4. Methinks the Sandmonkey is indeed speaking from recent personal experience.

  5. i’m gathering ur a little dude who can’t handle ur booze…ahhhhh poor u…lol…tough shit when u get beat by a girl huh? stop being such a girlie man and don’t worry about it if u meet some1 even a “girl” who can drink u under the table without puking

  6. Your writing is tops this week. Keep it up. I love it.

  7. Whiskey and Absinthe?! lol.. you must have knocked the girl out!