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A Hamas Media Fun Park and Israeli genius

From the same people who brought you the Hamas Boyband, we present you with the Hamas Media City and amusement park. for reals:

If you believe the building plans, "Media City" will be a Disneyland
fused with Hollywood and the CNN Centre on the shores of the

There's only one catch: it's in the Gaza Strip.


And the Hamas Islamists backing the site — envisioned as a
combined amusement park, movie studio and hub for international
journalism all in one — say foreign filmmakers will be welcome, as
long as their works don't show people kissing.

But those
setbacks and the reality of Hamas rule and Israeli sanctions have not
discouraged Gaza Media City's backers, inspired by Arab examples in
Dubai and Egypt that have drawn foreign investment and created jobs.

They have started work on landscaping in the hope that one day the
project will feature a zoo and film lots that recreate among other
things, the Palestinian villages of a century ago and today's Israeli


Hamas politician Fathi Hammad said it could cost $20 million — a
bargain compared to the sort of projects seen in Gulf states away from
the Middle East conflict.

But it must be tackled in stages, with funding from Arab countries and non-governmental organizations abroad, he said.

Ok, nevermind that our people are starving, what we really need isn't food, it's a media city. And an amusement park. Yeah! Cause that makes sense. Hamas, our model for responsible leadership. A people's movement per excellence.

In other news, since winter is coming and all, Israel decided in good neighborly fashion to start cutting down its electricity supply to Gaza starting from December 2nd. And since there is no fuel either, Gazans will either have to freeze to death (nevermind the hospitals without electricty problem for now) or engage in that most Palestinian of traditions to keep warm: fucking like bunnies. And you know where babies come from, Israel, so, now, do you really want a Gazan Baby Boom? More Palestinians there? No? Well, if you don't want that, and quite possibly don't want palestinians freezing to death on your conscience, then maybe you should chill on the whole cutting the electricty business. Besides, Hamas is shooting itself in the foot right now, why interfere? Let it take its course.

You know, I keep hearing of the intellectual supremacy of the jewish people, and then I look at their politicians and the decisions they make, get the point!

Youtube suspends Wael Abbas' account

Youtube has suspended the account of Wael Abbas – which contained the the egyptian police brutality and torture videos- because there were apparently too many complaints and flags from users- who are not members of the egyptian government or state security, of course- who have deemed the videos inappropriate and offensive. Youtube immediately took action, and suspended the account, claiming that it violated its terms of use. Now, while this may be true in the technical sense, it may benefit them to make exceptions for such videos that do expose certain tyrannical regimes and won;t be shown by mainstream international media, you know, as part of that whole "alternative independent media" thing they have been talking about for some time now. Or they could take on Issander's compromise. Also read Brian Whitaker's take on it!

On the Jihad revisions

Al Masry Al Youm newspaper has been running for about a week now a number of documents titled the Jihad revisions, where Ayman Al Zawahiri's old buddy, and the architect of modern Jihady perspective, Dr. Sayed Imam aka Dr. Fadl, decides to correct the misconceptions of Today's youth, and instead publishes his latest Brainfart on the proper way to conduct Jihad in the world.

Now, depsite the fantastic headlines of the revisions so far, such as "Muslims killing muslims is very very bad" and "One shouldn't attack tourists for what their governments have done", I do have some reservations. Not exactly reservations, ehh, more like questions really, and only in two areas: 

1) Howcome when Al Masry Al Youm published those documents, they didnt attempt to debate or analyze them at all? And why are they only taking the opinions of people who were or are members of islamic Jihad movements on them? Why not regular folks? Maybe throw some liberals in there? Maybe a socialist might have a different perspective on things, besides the "this is a very good thing" spin that the Al Masry Al youm seems to be, ehh, spinning? You know?

and more importantly, 

2) Why, in the name of Zeus' butthole, is something called the "the correct guide to Jihad" being published in a mainstream egyptian daily in the first place? Is Jihad Ok now? Oh, there is a correct way to do it? A righteous way to kill for Islam? Is that the message we are sending to the public now?

What the fuck is wrong with those people? 

Does the Israeli media want war with Egypt?

I thought this was an anamoly, but it seems that it is part of a much wider campaign. Which begs the question: Does Israel really want to start a war with Egypt, or are they just using us as a diversion and a place for Israelis to focus their anger on? Cause I would hate to think that the Israeli military machine is so adamant to fix its broken ego from going to a war that they couldn't win last year against a militia with no military targets, that they are just looking for a country that does have viable targets to bomb. Like Syria. But the Syrians are Giant pussies and refused to act when attacked. So, is it Egypt's turn now?  Would it be wise to inflame a country with over 80 million people and 10 million in the armed forces alone?

I would like to know.

Also, the egyptian press hasn't caught wind of this yet. I wonder how their reaction will be once they hear about it. 

Putin's democracy

His political opponents are beaten up, arrested, and some even assassinated . Now there is a world leader that people the world over respect, unlike Bush the  muslim-babies-killing talking monkey!

Oh, and guys, there is a "thing" called Chechnya where, you know, muslims are getting killed? Makes you pissed at Russia, right? No? Wait, I forgot, they have to be muslims killed by the US or Israel to matter, right? Russia is our friend, or at least Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran's friend. Delightful people, all of them! 

Egyptian Doctor to cure homosexuality

Dr. Awsam Wasfi is an egyptian doctor who just opened a clinic to cure homosexuality. How does he plan to do that? well…

Dr. Awsam Wasfi, 42, offers a "treatment program" for gays that focuses
on boosting their self-esteem and enhancing their communication skills,
as well as encouraging them to play sports and work on their religious

Ok, cause I am sure working out, working out, and sweating with other men is going to make you not attracted to them. Neither will changing in the same locker room or showering in the same shower room with them. Oh, and praying in the mosque will surely cure you, with men bending over during prayers and all. Yes, religion and sports, two things no gay person knows anything about.

This is so stupid!

One interesting thing in the article though:

Gay rights organizations in Egypt have lashed out at the psychiatrist
for "standing in the way of their human rights" and labeled him
"backward" and "ignorant."

There are Gay rights organizations in Egypt? Really? I mean there is the egyptian Initiative for personal rights, but that hardly qualifies as a gay rights organization. But I've never heard of one. Am I missing something?

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