The inevitable conclusionto..ehh..forget it

Now it's a T-shirt.

I give up! 


  1. I think, it is safe to say ‘More to come’.

  2. you can’t make this stuff up. WAY TO GO SUDAN

  3. I notice the shirts come in XXXXXL. Why am I not surprised that the people who would wear dumbass shirts like this require quintuple-X clothing?

    Nothing beats the ads for “” on sites like Malkin and Coulter, however. Poorly designed & manufactured shirts with pseudo-ironic, painfully unfunny, quasi-fascist political slogans; perfect for the obese, white Protestant troglodyte in your family!

    My, I’ve gotten off the point. Bottom line; Islam and all other religions suck, and tit-for-tat politicking between Islamists and Christianists has gotten really old the past few years.

  4. kurt be a good little dhimmi and only speak when spoken to.

    and don’t forget to pay your jezera

  5. Oh, the Dhimmi thing is so tired. Besides, I’m not some multi-culti hippie screaming “No blood for oil!” Islam is bullshit, Christianity is bullshit. I wish the Islamists and Christianists would go off to some remote battlefield and wipe each other out in the Great Jihad/Crusade and leave the rest of us in peace.

    Oh, and as for the Jizya thing, if any Mohammedan or Christer tries to tell me what to do, I’ll put a .45 ACP from my very un-hippie arsenal through his left eye and send him to meet Da Lawd.

  6. Kurt

    I think that these t-shirts were produced by atheists
    And you are wrong. Islamists will wipe out you first, and then the people of the book (to which you, as an atheist or agnostic, do not belong) will get an ultimatum – pay jizya or convert.

  7. btw. mohammedan or christer – that’s as insulting and has lower truth value as calling you a jerk

  8. Eva, Canada says:

    Well, Ella, at least Kurt treats both equally.

    Monkey,I just realized that you are back in the saddle. That’s good news.